Ozone Therapy

Ozone is a gas consisting of three oxygen atoms. It is also called the breath of God. Ozone gas is naturally located in the stratosphere layer of the atmosphere. The first medical use of ozone was made in 1915 by the German Dr. It was realized by Albert Wolf with local application in serious injuries and gangrene of soldiers. In World War II, Hitler used ozone to improve the performance of his pilots. In Turkey ozone therapy It was first published in 1999 by Op. Dr. It was started by Muammer Velidedeoğlu. With the regulation numbered 29158 published in the Official Gazette on October 27, 2014 in our country. ozone therapy It has been accepted as a complementary medicine practice. In some sources ozonotherapyIt is a treatment method also called by name.

  • How is Ozone Therapy Applied?

    According to current literature ozone therapyIt can be applied with 10 different methods;

    • Major or Serum Method: Approximately 100 ml of blood is taken from the patient and mixed with the appropriate dose of ozone and given back through the opened vascular access. Or, a certain amount of ozone is loaded into the serum and given back to the patient through the intravenous line. Completely disposable and sterile materials are used. The process takes about 20-30 minutes.

      • In fungal infections

      • in diaper rash

      • Good for acne, pimples and herpes

      • Cleanses the skin, removes dirt and bacteria

      • Good for psoriasis, shingles, eczema

      • It has a cellulite reducing effect.

      • Has a wrinkle-reducing effect

      • Reduces skin swelling and redness

      • It moisturizes dry skin thanks to its moisturizing properties.

      • Helps cuts, wounds and bruises on the skin

      • Good for lip cracks

    • Minor Method:3-5 cc of blood taken from the person is mixed with a determined dose of ozone and injected into the muscle. The immune system is activated. It is a 2-3 minute procedure.

    • Subcutaneous Method: The dose and volume of ozone gas determined according to the patient is injected under the skin with a fine-tipped needle. It is used in hair loss, to make the skin more lively and bright. It is completed in 2-3 minutes.

    • Rectal and Vaginal Method:It is the infusion of ozone gas into the patient by spraying it with a disposable tube or bag through the anus or vaginal route.

    • Ear Insufflation Method:The determined dose and volume of gas is insufflated into the ear canal with special apparatus. It is a procedure that takes a few minutes.

    • Intra-articular (Intra-articular) Method:It is the injection of a certain dose of ozone gas into the joint with an appropriate needle in joint disorders.

    • Mass or In-Lesion Method:It is the introduction of ozone gas into the mass or lesion with the help of an appropriate needle.

    • Intramuscular Method:It is the application of ozone gas directly to painful muscle areas with fine needle tips.

    • Bagging Method:It is the application of ozone gas in a special plastic bag in a closed system. It is used especially for wounds on the hands and feet with ozone-resistant materials. Each session takes 10-30 minutes.

    • Ozone Sauna Method:Patients are positioned in a sitting or lying position in cabins called saunas. The patient whose head is out (steam or infrared) is allowed to sweat. After the pores are opened, ozone gas is injected into the environment for 20-45 minutes, and the ozonation process is initiated.

    • What Diseases Is Ozone Therapy (Ozone Therapy) Used For?

    • Delaying the effects of aging

    • Protection of health

    • strengthening immunity

    • rheumatic diseases

    • Fibromyalgia

    • Neck, waist hernias

    • Parkinson’s disease

    • Alzheimer’s, Dementia

    • Diabetes

    • Psoriasis (Psoriasis)

    • Rosacea (Rose disease)

    • Fungal Infections

    • viral infections

    • Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C

    • Pre-corona boosting immunity

    • Taking advantage of its antiviral effect in corona disease

    • To eliminate the toxic effects in the body after the coronavirus disease and to prevent permanent damage such as fibrosis.

    • Acne

    • ulcerative colitis

    • Chron’s Disease

    • As a supportive treatment in cancer patients

    • chronic fatigue

    • Migraine

    • Depression

    Frequently Asked Questions About Ozone Therapy

    What are the situations in which ozone therapy cannot be applied?

    • In pregnant people,

    • In diseases called favism (GL-6F dehydrogenase enzyme deficiency), which is characterized by an enzyme deficiency in red blood cells,

    • In excessive alcohol use,

    • In patients with hyperthyroidism,

    • In advanced anemia and some blood-related disorders (hemophilia, bleeding coagulation diseases),

    • In chronic recurrent pancreatic gland inflammation,

    • In the case of newly developed cardiac infarction and cerebral palsy in which bleeding continues actively,

    • Those who have an allergy or intolerance (intolerance) to ozone (it is a very rare condition and occurs mostly in intolerance to odours),

    In which situations is ozonated water used (for which problems is it good)?

    • It can be drunk in stomach problems, in cases of helicobacter pylori

    • Infected wound, aphtha, newly formed wounds (surgical, traumatic, decubitus ulcer)

    • fungal infections

    • shingles, herpes

    • outer ear infection

    • paradontitis

    • Intraoperatively in buccal cavity infections and tooth extraction

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