Overeating in Ramadan increases body fat.

Healthy eating; It is to take the macro and micro nutrients (carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, mineral and water) necessary for the correct and regular functioning of the cells that make up our body in sufficient and balanced amounts. With insufficient intake of these elements (nutritional deficiency), the body will be vulnerable to many diseases. .

Nutrition begins in the womb and continues as a part of our lives in infancy, childhood, adulthood, pregnancy, and old age. The way of nutrition in each phase will affect the other phases positively or negatively. For this reason, a person should learn his/her own proper diet and maintain it throughout his/her life.

An Imbalance in Insulin Levels May Occur

“Our lifestyle, diet, sleeping hours, meal schedule, and physical activity status all change during Ramadan. In order to be able to spend this process efficiently, it is possible to eat healthy and lose weight by maintaining the current weight without gaining weight and even by losing weight with proper nutrition. Since there is hunger for a long time in this month, it is very important to make regular meals (sahur, iftar and snack after iftar). Skipping sahur in particular increases the long-term hunger situation and leads to an increase in portions and more food consumption, especially simple carbohydrate consumption in iftar. This causes both an increase in body fat and an imbalance in insulin levels. ” said.

Sahur Time Must Be Done

In order not to encounter different health problems in the future, you should definitely take care to make sahur.’ Eggs with its saturation feature in sahur, vegetables with its vitamin and fiber content, raw nuts with its healthy fat content and satiety feature, cheese (low salty) with calcium content and protein content, kefir or yogurt with probiotic content against constipation problems, against constipation problems You can also include dry fruits and oatmeal and whole grain group (whole grain, whole wheat, whole rye bread) in order to keep you full with their fiber content. You should not include these foods, especially foods rich in sugar, fat and salt, as they will eliminate the feeling of being full for a long time and cause quick hunger as well as quick thirst.

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