Ovarian cysts

The cysts are fluid-filled masses separated from the surrounding tissue by the cyst wall. Although they are generally benign, women are afraid when they hear that they have a cyst on their ovaries. Physiological cysts, which do not even require treatment most of the time, occur in almost every woman. However, if we think that the cyst is not benign and the cysts do not regress and cause complaints, they should be treated.

Treatment methods vary according to the type of cyst, its size, and the age of the patient. Currently, the most popular treatment for ovarian cysts is laparoscopic cyst removal.

With this method, since the patient’s abdomen is not opened, the recovery is very fast, the hospital stay is shortened, and the woman does not have any scars on her abdomen. Physiological cyst that does not regress can be evacuated under ultrasound guidance under office conditions. Since the ovaries are very special organs for a woman, the aim of all our treatment approaches should be to remove the cyst without damaging the ovarian tissue.

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