Our Spiritual Traumas Are Our Invisible Wounds

Emerging unexpectedly in a period of our lives, threatening the lives of ourselves or our relatives, making us feel helplessness, fear, anxiety, insecurity, helplessness;
Such as accident, earthquake, fire, war, forced migration, death, serious illness, violence, harassment, rape.
as traumas caused by major events can be…

We can experience events that we call minor traumas such as economic crisis, divorce, workplace problems, relationship problems, cheating.

Moreover Childhood Traumasthe painful memories from our childhood that we forget, ignore, that we call;

physical abuse(violence, undesirable actions)

sexual abuse(neglect, abuse) ,

emotional abuse(such as being abandoned, threatened with abandonment, pressure and excessive authority, expecting excessive responsibility, not allowing the development of excessive protection, sibling discrimination, lack of love, threatening violence, mocking, humiliation, blame, ignoring)

In cases where necessary and sufficient attention is not given to the child, it is defined as neglect and evaluated as trauma. These ;

physical neglect(not meeting care, education, or emotional needs as neglect)

emotional neglect(It can be defined as not providing secure attachment, not making the child feel valuable and special, not providing love and affection, not providing support for social and academic development, not protecting self-development, competence, self-confidence and self-worth.)

Experiencing traumatic events can cause us to be affected in the first degree, witnessing the life of our relatives or loved ones in the second degree, witnessing the trauma of people we do not know or working in rescue and care teams can cause us to be affected in the third degree.


These symptoms may appear in the first week and go away on their own within 3 months, or they may start months later and continue for years.

Spiritual Traumas In adults;

Sleep Disorders, Avoidance Behaviors, Panic Attack, Hopelessness, Insecurity, Extreme Anxiety, Anger Attacks, Sexual Problems, Obsession, Distraction, Tic Behaviors, Failure, Worthlessness, Eating Disorders, Alcohol-Substance Abuse, Worsening in Self Care, Hopelessness, Constantly the Same with behavioral disorders such as repetition of events

Children and Adolescents

Not wanting to leave the mother, crying, withdrawing, abusive speech, violence,

bedwetting, peeing, speech retardation, stuttering, pretending to be older or younger than oneself

It is observed as not wanting to go to school, Attention Deficit, falling in academic achievement, sexually explicit games, teasing, lying, nail biting, inconvenience in choosing friends, night nightmares, somatic complaints, tic behaviors, and behavioral disorders.


Spiritually ; Acute Stress Reactions, Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Obsessions, Depression, Behavioral Disorders, Alcohol – Substance Abuse, Psychotic Disorders

physically ; Due to the stress hormones secreted during stress, it can cause serious damage to our organs where we direct the trauma and feel the emotions we experience. Diabetes, Heart, Kidney problems, skin rashes, vision, hearing problems, persistent pain, migraine

It can cause circulatory, excretory, respiratory, immune and nervous system problems and even cancer.

Socially;Since they impair our perception of trust and competence, they can cause deterioration in all areas of life and affect our academic performance, family, couple and business relationships.

What is the Rate of Affected by Spiritual Trauma??

Effects of psychic trauma; The duration, severity, type and reason vary according to the meaning we attribute to trauma.

Not everyone is affected by psychic trauma in the same way. Because our psychological genetic structure, family attitudes, past traumas, resilience, anxiety level, physical diseases, support resources, temperament characteristics, age, gender, maturity level, cultural values, economic conditions are not the same.


To heal our spiritual wounds, we first need awareness and acceptance.

When we become aware of the symptoms in our body and soul, getting support is the first thing to heal. is the step.

Traumas that are not talked about for a long time and are not helped can affect the whole area of ​​our lives, cognitive, emotional, thought and behavioral areas.

It should not be forgotten that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can last for many years and the increased stress level affects our mental and physical health.

The effects of the traumas we experience can be reduced with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapies as well as drug treatments…

It should not be forgotten that psychological first aid is as important as physical first aid.
You can help yourself and your loved ones by reminding them of the importance of getting psychological support in difficult times and that we have a right to it.

You can heal your Spiritual Wounds by getting support.

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