Our Skin and Nutrition

  • Our Skin and Nutrition

Healthy skin is possible with a properly hydrated healthy epidermis, balanced diet and protection from sun rays.

The skin of people who are tired, stressed and malnourished immediately reflects this. The benefit of daily use of vitamins has been known for years; however, the link between healthy eating and skin health has only been taken into account in recent years.

The antioxidant effects of vitamins have long been used in products applied directly to the skin. But the benefit of ingested vitamins was not given importance until recently. Studies have proven that certain vitamins and minerals have benefits for skin, beauty, and a woman’s overall health when ingested. Therefore, the secret of beautiful and healthy skin can be achieved, first of all, with a correct and balanced diet and supplementation of necessary vitamins.

  • Smoking and our skin

It would be wise to stay away from smoking. In addition to its numerous harms, it is also harmful to the skin. Cigarette smoke and tar prevent the skin from getting the oxygen it needs and nutrient absorption, causing it to look dry and lifeless. In addition, cigarette consumption causes the formation of harmful free radicals, weakening the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, causing premature aging of the skin.

If you smoke, you will need to pay more attention to the use of vitamins for the health of your skin. Because reducing the damage caused by smoking to your skin can only be possible with vitamin supplements.

Oily foods such as chocolate, nuts and chips disrupt the oil balance of the skin and cause acne formation. For example; fried foods are difficult to digest and these foods prolong the cleansing process of the cells. In order for the skin to be healthy and smooth, it is necessary to take great care of what is eaten. Therefore, it is very important to consume foods with vitamins and minerals. Eating 5 pieces of fresh fruit and vegetables a day is enough for this.

  • For good skin nutrition, take care to eat the following foods:

Soybean sprouts: It is as effective as the body’s own hormones. It fills the skin and provides tension.

Spinach, Cabbage:Vitamin B supports the firmness of connective tissue and prevents cellulite.

Green tea:It contains important cell protective substances against free radicals and thus ensures that aging is stopped directly in the cells.

This: It meets the filling and support needs of cells and connective tissues. It ensures the transport of nutrients to the cells and the exit of wastes from the cells.

Salmon and herring:These fish, which contain unsaturated fatty acids that the body urgently needs but cannot produce on its own, act as a key to anti-aging by slowing down the aging process in cells.

Garlic: The allicin substance in its composition activates blood circulation and purifies the skin. Thus, the skin acquires a healthy color.

Chicken: It contains high-value protein, which the body needs to produce beauty hormones. It also supports the production of collagen and the regeneration of fibers in the connective tissue.

Olive oil: This oil, which is cold pressed for a healthy life, is an excellent weapon for premature aging and wrinkles. Unsaturated fatty acids protect cells from danger.

Eggs, milk: Remarkably, they contain the substance “niacin”. These B vitamin stores are defined as indispensable for cell regeneration.

Fennel:It should be on the table several times a week. This calcium-rich herb provides water storage in the skin and takes part in cell regeneration.

Avocado: It is very rich in vitamin E. Thus, it also acts from the inside against free radicals.

Apple: Sugar and insulin age the skin. On the other hand, apple stabilizes blood sugar and prevents insulin fluctuations.

  • Foods that age our skin

Margarine:Saturated fatty acids in margarine, which we use as breakfast and frying oil, damage skin cells and are stored as fat in the body, in short, they make you fat.

Coffee: It damages the skin as it increases the insulin rate. It also activates the stress hormone cortisol.

Pizza: The carbohydrates in pizza prevent fat burning. But eating once a week doesn’t hurt.

Alcohol:Alcohol intake ages the skin.

Sugary foods quickly mix with the blood, and age quickly.

  • Red meat also harms our skin.
  • Stay away from fries.
  • Avoid salt as much as possible.

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