Our Psychology and Uncertainty in Quarantine Days

Uncertainty is the feeling of cognitive insecurity experienced due to the unpredictability of the future of an event or situation we are in. Factors such as future concerns, willingness to implement life plans, risks in the living environment, and insecurities affect how we react to uncertainty and uncertainty.

We are in quarantine times. We are living a new normal period where we stay at home and try to keep up with a new development every moment. Social media – online revolves around work/school, we don’t know how to relax when our comfort zone and the areas where we fulfill our duties and responsibilities are intertwined. Under these conditions, it is more difficult than ever to stay psychologically strong and adapt to the situation we are in. This is precisely where uncertainty arises: “Snapshot change and the absence of any constant.”

The decrease in the tolerance level of individuals to quarantine-induced uncertainty leaves them alone with the problem of anxiety-induced stress. It is seen that uncertainty causes a traumatic experience that reduces the quality of life, since depression is also seen with the increase in the anxiety dose.

We also know from social psychology that the health of our social relations is possible by gathering under the roof of the group of people to whom we feel belonging and have common views. In situations of uncertainty, people become more dependent on the group to which they belong. Especially in these days when we use social media heavily, the effort to “gain certainty” in people’s views creates a serious conflict. As such, the triggering uncertainty makes social media poisonous and negatively affects our psychology.

As I mentioned before, while uncertainty looks bad, it can have a different effect on us depending on our experiences and our positive or negative outlook on life. Because uncertainty can damage our resilience, as well as provide an opportunity to create an opportunity and gain our self-esteem. The manifestation of this situation in our lives is closely related to our social reality. Because we know that times of crisis can turn into opportunities. In such times, reading the environment we are in correctly can form the basis of the future we will build.

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