Our main happiness: communication within the family!

In environments where family communication is strong, problems can be solved by themselves.

Unhealthy and unhappy families will raise unhealthy and unhappy children.

Effective communication used within the family strengthens family ties and ensures the continuation of the family with healthier processes. Each member of the family requirements has. These requirements trust, love, respectwith feelings of being understood is. Intra-family communication is all kinds of verbal or non-verbal messages that individuals make with each other in line with the needs existing in the family. An effective communication enables family members to mutually understand each other’s thoughts and feelings, leads to cooperation, cooperation and sharing behaviors, and creates a suitable environment for the development of children. These are the main purposes of a family. In the family environment where good communication takes place, children develop a more autonomous and independent personality, gain the freedom and habit of thinking and expressing their feelings. Healthy development of children is not possible in an environment where effective communication cannot be established and communication barriers exist. In this case, children are unable to think freely and express their thoughts and feelings openly. dependant They become individuals and face various problems in the future. For this reason, it is very important to establish an effective communication between family members, especially between parents and children. A healthy communication within the family keeps family members together and enables them to find solutions to even the most difficult problems.

When the communication within the family is healthy and strong, the problems can be solved by themselves. However, in the short term, failure in problem solving, weak emotional bonds and lack of intimacy occur in families that cannot provide an open and honest communication; In the long term, separation of family members, divorce of parents, increased adjustment and behavior problems in children may occur. In addition, the most important element that makes up the family is the formation of a family bond besides the blood bond, because it is this bond that holds the family together. family bond is strengthened by effective communication and weakened by unhealthy communication. Families with effective communication become more connected to each other and recognize each other’s needs and take actions to meet each other’s needs. In families that cannot communicate effectively, individuals cannot share their thoughts and feelings, cannot express themselves correctly to each other, cannot form a family bond together, and resentment arises. In recent years, we have started to see many families in this structure. With the rapidly advancing technology and the rapidly changing world, the family system has also changed. Now, family members have started to live in a house, often as strangers to each other, with the advancement of technology and the difficult living conditions; conversations became completely superficial, conversations “what did you eat, what did you do?” could not go beyond such questions, social roles and responsibilities were forgotten. The increase in the number of individuals in a house who are connected by blood but do not have common goals and distanced themselves from each other, first to themselves, then to their families, and finally to social alienation. If we see society as a large living organism, every family that composes this organism is also cells. A disease that occurs in one of the cells can spread to other cells without realizing it, and the whole organism may be damaged. because family is a system Each individual in this system is in communication with another system. When children who grow up in unhealthy families and whose needs are not met, they can look for their own deficiencies, stay alert, and seek a sense of security when they come into contact with other systems. In other words, children growing up in a sick family infect other systems with which they communicate. Because these children grow up, they establish their own families in the future and they reflect the family structure they took as a model to their own families whether they want it or not. Unhealthy and unhappy families raise unhealthy and unhappy children . However The foundation of society is family, the foundation of happy families is effective and healthy family communication..Well family communication is essential for healthy and happy families ” said.

The mystery of the soul is revealed by the movements of the body

The basis of effective communication is the individual’s self-knowledge, awareness of his own values ​​and attitudes, and self-confidence. A good communicator instantly sees cues such as gestures, facial expressions, body posture and evaluates them realistically. For effective communication active listening, responsiveness, positive approach and I language concepts is important. Also, communication is not just talking. Communication is also; Knowing what, when and how to say, speaking fluently and with eye contact with the other person, being able to concentrate attention and checking whether the other person understands the message. Truck. In addition to the harmony of language and body, it is very important to be aware of the needs and needs of the other person, not to read minds, to know how to listen as well as speak. Family members not for long, should spend quality time,It should not be forgotten that each individual has their own areas within the framework of love, trust and respect. Michelangeloas said, the mystery of the soul is revealed by the movements of the body . The use of distance and space, touches and the use of voice are bodily movements that reveal the mystery of the soul, and it means good use of body language. If all these points are learned, healthy and effective communication ways within the family will be open. Children of families who use effective communication will be able to approach with respect and value not only their own family members but also every member of the society. And in line with this, first family values ​​and then social values ​​will be protected. Therefore, besides meeting the feelings, thoughts and needs with healthy processes; It is also very important to learn the language of effective communication for healthy individuals, healthy families, and a healthy society.

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