Our Luck in Relationships and Secure Attachment

Have you ever admired or envied the relationships of some people? She can relate very easily, is very compatible, sees value, is self-confident, does not have any trust problems.. in fact, she may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, but she has always been valued and loved in her romantic relationships. In addition, his friendship relations are also satisfactory, he is a sought-after, harmonious and popular person. If you are interesting, business relations are similar to this.. receives support from colleagues, expresses himself very well, is on good terms with managers..

Is he the most honeyed person in the world? In fact, what we call luck in this example is that this woman’s relationship with her mother was established in the “secure attachment” model in her infancy.

In her relationship with her mother as a baby, her mother is there whenever she needs it. He fed when he was hungry, comforted when he cried, answered his questions, showed patience and interest. Even though the mother passed away from the child’s eyes, she always came back. The child received support from the mother whenever she had problems. She is also encouraged to do things alone. The child who grows up in these emotional conditions has grown up knowing that he is not alone and that if he needs help, he can see it. In addition, he discovered self-confidence and individuality. He has also experienced being valued, loved and cared for when he is in a relationship. In return, he learned to adapt, love, value and show interest. With these emotional skills, when she becomes an adult, these skills are reflected positively on both friendship, romantic and business relationships. Knowing her own worth, this woman is also open to being valued. She is open to love, she. She easily accepts positive emotions. And since she knows how to value, care and love, whatever relationship she has, she nurtures that relationship.

People who have developed a secure attachment model in childhood can establish strong and trusting human relationships when they become adults, and have high self-confidence, self-efficacy and self-worth. For this reason, they are very lucky in almost any relationship in their adult life. They will be able to establish very valuable friendship relationships, very satisfying romantic relationships, very high quality business relationships. Individuals who do not have this chance will be covered in different articles under the headings of dismissive attachment, fearful and preoccupied attachment.

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