Our Hands Get Aging Too

The bad effects of aging are not only seen in our eyes and hearts. Our hands, with which we eat, earn our living, love our children, in short, continue our daily lives and make us human, also succumb to the effects of time. We are not talking about aging that occurs only in the skin and is referred to as “Madonna’s hand” in the press, such as wrinkling of the skin, more visible veins, and the appearance of bones.

Let’s start with the bones: While there is a nightmare of bone resorption, especially in women after menopause, the most common bone problem in the hands is osteoarthritis, which is popularly known as calcification. Dislocation occurs due to pain, limitation of movement and joint deformation at the junction of the thumb with the wrist.

Diabetes, liver dysfunction, and alcohol consumption that goes beyond social drinking causes a connective tissue problem called “Viking disease” in aging men. The disease, which is called “dupuytren’s contracture” in medicine, is called Viking disease because it is mostly seen in Scandinavian men. It causes complaints such as folding towards the palm and inability to open the fingers, especially in the ring and little finger, finger bending beyond a certain level affects daily work as well as sweat and water accumulating in the fold area paves the way for fungal infections and bad odors in the hand.

In the past, we used to say that it was the disease of women who are fond of cleaning, it was the disease of callused hands, “nerve compression in the wrist”, but now we see it in women who use computer mouse badly, edema caused by hormonal changes with age, and excess weight gain triggers this situation.

Tendons, which are extensions of our muscles, succumb to time and begin to get stuck in the tunnels they pass through every day; While moving in the same tunnel millions of times for years, it starts to get stuck in time, and there are clicks on the fingers.

When our joints age, it’s not just pain; sometimes they leak the liquid inside and form lumps that show themselves with small bubbles just under the skin, mostly on our wrist, “ganglion cyst”. Unfortunately, the egg whites that are put on it and the coins that are put on it, unfortunately, do not work.

Nails that have been polished for years and do not breathe over time begin to erode, thicken and form nail base swellings. The simplest infection in the hand makes us crawl with its pain as it is a dense area of ​​nerve endings. The slightest redness at the base of the nail, a white abscess formation and a groove on the nail should warn us and lead us to consult a doctor.

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