Our Birth Process Determines the Rest of Our Lives

How did we come to this life? Did we come as a desired baby or as a surprise baby? Maybe you are saying, what does it matter, dear? If only it didn’t matter…

You will go to a different country from the city you are in. To a country whose language you do not know and whose people you do not know. You have no idea about this country. You just know you’re staying with a family, that’s all.

The first option is: This family is looking forward to your coming. He’s curious about you, going through a few books, watching videos, going to courses to speak your language. They are very excited. They call you from time to time, they talk to you as much as their tongues turn. How do you feel on the road? What about going with this family?

The second option is: you will go to a family but they have never contacted you. You do not know their language, and they are yours. Of course they are preparing. After all, someone new will come to their house, but this information was a surprise for them. Then they got used to this idea and accepted you. How would you feel going to this family?

Birth is just like that. We came to a country and family whose language we did not know at all. It is so important how much they desire us, whether they communicate with us during the journey, how the journey goes, whether they make an effort for us. It matters because this is our first impression of country, family and home. It deeply affects our feeling of safety, our view of the environment and family, our psychology and our body.

Every baby born into the world needs “confidence”. The first sense of trust begins in the womb. While in the womb, the baby hears and feels the external environment and learns about the mother-family and home. It is very important for the mother to communicate with other hosts so that the baby feels safe. Develops bonds with parents. Our connection with life begins in the womb. The journey we go through on our way to Earth affects the next processes deeply.

I wish every baby have a very enjoyable journey…

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