In otosclerosis (calcification), calcification of the stapes floor, which is the smallest bone of the middle ear, is the inability of sound transmission from the middle ear to the inner ear.

– Severe progressive conductive hearing loss in one or both ears
– Tinnitus.

Symptoms appear between the ages of 15 and 35. This condition progresses slowly and affects one or both ears. Hearing loss can be mild or severe. The percentage of hearing loss in women with calcification may increase during pregnancy. If your hearing is getting progressively weaker, see your doctor.

Treatment and Surgical Treatment
Otosclerosis is often treated with a surgery called a stapedectomy. In the middle ear, the stapes bone is removed and replaced. teflon pistonA prosthesis is attached.
Dizziness may occur for a few hours after surgery, but it later goes away. Your hearing is quickly restored.
Stapedectomy surgery is successful in most patients with otosclerosis. It is the most satisfying operation of the middle ear. It is an operation that we can easily perform in our clinic, and we recommend it primarily in the treatment of otosclerosis.

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