OSTEOPATHY is a natural treatment method that is applied using only the hands and the philosophy of respect for tissue is at the forefront.

Osteopathy provides the correction of problems that cause pain and dysfunction with some special techniques applied with the hands. The aim is to restore normal function in the body by triggering and strengthening the body’s own healing power.

Osteopathy is a natural treatment method developed by American Doctor and Surgeon Andrew Taylor Still in the 1870s. After the death of his 3 daughters from meningitis, Dr Andrew Taylor Still begins to question the classical medicine approach, where drug administration is at the forefront. He then concentrates on developing a method that is more natural and uses the body’s own healing power. Dr Andrew Taylor Still says, “The goal of the doctor should be to find health, everybody finds disease.”

According to osteopathy, the well-being of the individual depends on the smooth functioning of bones, muscles and connective tissue. Osteopathic doctors use physical manipulation, stretching, muscle-energy techniques, myofascial techniques, craniosacral techniques, and visceral therapy techniques to restore this perfect harmony. The aim of treatment is to increase joint mobility, relieve muscle tension, increase blood flow to tissues and thus help the body to heal. The ultimate goal is to restore, maintain, strengthen health and thus increase resistance to disease.

In osteopathy, the patient is evaluated in detail and the main source of the problem is tried to be determined. For this, every situation that the patient has experienced from the time he is in the mother’s womb is questioned in detail. A very detailed examination is then carried out. In the examination, the patient’s posture, posture, spine movements, joint movements, muscles, organs and skull are evaluated in detail. With the findings obtained as a result of the evaluation, the main source of the problem is determined and the treatment is planned. When planning osteopathic treatment, the individual needs and functional status of the patient are taken into consideration. There is no standard treatment in osteopathy. The treatment is planned completely individually.

Osteopathy is an extremely safe treatment method that does not use any device, is applied only by hand, is non-invasive, and is applied correctly. After the treatment, fatigue, mild headache, local redness may occur rarely.

According to osteopathic philosophy Mind, Body and Spirit are an integrated whole. Although osteopathic treatment is a treatment applied over the body, it also heals the Spirit and Mind as well as the Body.

Osteopathy can be used in the treatment of the following diseases:

Waist, Neck, Back Pain


Joint pains such as Shoulder, Knee, Elbow

Foot Pains

coccyx pain


Chronic Fatigue

Restless Legs Syndrome

Sleep Problems

Posture Disorders

abdominal pains

Gynecological Problems

gait disorders

Attention Deficit, Learning Disabilities in Children

Nocturnal Urinary Incontinence

Dental – Jaw disorders

Osteopathy can be used in infants for gas pain, colic, sleep problems, sucking problems, torticollis, head deformities.

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