Orthognathic Surgery Treatments

This week, we will talk about orthognathic surgery treatments, which is one of the most basic issues of orthodontics.

As I mentioned before, orthodontic treatment has no age. In other words, orthodontic treatments can be applied to people of all ages. In this case, the question of whether the treatments in adolescence and the treatments applied in adult people are exactly the same may come to mind. Various treatments are applied in skeletal-related problems, that is, in cases where there is a problem in the position of the lower and upper jaws relative to each other. In individuals who have not passed the age of puberty, the relations between the jaws can be corrected with the help of various fixed or mobile appliances. After puberty, that is, after the end of growth, it is not possible to correct the positions of the jaws by applying only wires or appliances.

In order to make changes in the position of the jaws in an adult, surgeries called orthognathic surgery are applied.

These operations are planned together with orthodontic treatments. Usually, the braces treatment is started first and the teeth are corrected for a certain period of time, and then surgery is performed. Wire treatment continues for a while after the operation and after the desired result is obtained, the wire treatment is terminated. In some rare cases, surgery is performed before inserting the wires and then wire treatment is started. In other words, surgery is not a treatment on its own, it is an application that is followed by orthodontic treatment and orthodontist planning.

The surgery is performed by surgeons under general anesthesia. A recovery period of two to four weeks is envisaged in the post-operative period.

Although these periods vary in each individual, the total treatment period varies between one and a half to two years. Appointments continue in monthly periods and the applications are no different from standard orthodontic treatments.

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