• What is orthodontics, to whom it is applied, what are the prices of orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch that regulates the relations of teeth with each other, jaws, jaws with each other and face and corrects their disorders. Orthodontic treatment is applied by orthodontists. It is a branch that deals with the correction of simple to more complicated tooth crowding, congenital anomalies, growth and development deficiencies, disordered relations between teeth and jaws, subsequent tooth sequence disorders, and anomalies that generally concern teeth and jaws due to space limitations.

Orthodontic treatment is a type of treatment that can be applied from childhood to advanced ages. Orthodontic treatment, which was previously considered to be inoperable after a certain age, can now be successfully applied to patients of all age groups. It corrects the relations between teeth and jaws by applying specially calculated forces with appliances suitable for the teeth and jaws. For this purpose, it uses various wires, bands, springs, springs, tires, screws and removable appliances and plates specially developed for this purpose.

In orthodontic treatment, if the case is appropriate, invisible tapes and wires applied by the tongue with new materials developed can be used, as well as treatment without wires with transparent plaques produced with special technologies.

Orthodontic treatment prices can vary widely depending on the chosen treatment method, the type of material used, the duration of treatment, and whether special production materials are required.
Today, as a result of the society’s more conscious approach to aesthetics and oral health, there is a significant increase in the number of patients of all ages receiving orthodontic treatment. Incompatibilities between the jaws and crowding between the teeth, rotations, axis inclination disorders, gaps can be corrected with orthodontic treatments, thus a healthy tooth alignment and a beautiful smile can be obtained.

Contrary to popular belief, orthodontic treatments can be applied not only at early ages but also in adults. A large number of patients apply to the dentist in advanced ages with the request of crowns in order to eliminate the crowding in their teeth, which are not treated even though they should have received orthodontic treatment in childhood. Patients are pleased to learn that the desired aesthetics can be achieved with orthodontic treatment instead of such an irreversible crown treatment.

The brackets to be applied during the treatments can be metal, plastic or porcelain. Transparent tapes, which have a much more aesthetic appearance than metal ones, make the treatment much more acceptable. Pain and pain do not occur during the applications, only a temporary sensitivity may occur in the first days following the treatment.

Reinforcement therapy is held longer in applications at older ages.

Jaw disorders are treated with the combination of orthodontic and sometimes surgical treatments.

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