Orthodontic treatment in adults

There is no age limit in the treatment of orthodontic problems, which are caused only by teeth. It may be possible that increasing age prolongs the treatment period and complicates the treatment somewhat; However, orthodontic treatment and tooth movement is possible at any age. Especially recently, the majority of patients in orthodontic clinics are in the adult group. With the developments in orthodontic treatment materials, adult orthodontics is also becoming widespread. Especially ceramic brackets can be preferred because they are more aesthetic. In addition, recently, lingual system and clear plates can be preferred in suitable cases.

It is very important for individuals to have straight teeth in a beautiful smile. It is observed that most individuals cover their mouths with their hands while smiling and talking, and this negatively affects their social lives. For this reason, getting a beautiful smile with treatment will increase the quality of life of individuals.

Orthodontic treatment principle combined with surgical treatment

If the problems due to excessive or insufficient development of the jaws are not treated during the growth and development period, or if they have extremely severe skeletal anomalies, surgical treatment is applied together with orthodontic treatment. During this treatment, the orthodontist and the surgeon plan the treatment and surgery by acting together.

Stages of Orthognathic Surgical Treatment
1) Pre-surgical orthodontic treatment: This period, which includes the aligning of the upper and lower teeth and decomposition treatment, lasts for about a year and a half. The plate to be used during surgical planning and surgery is prepared.
2) Surgery: Surgical operation; It is performed under general anesthesia by the surgical team in line with the planning made. The operation takes 3-5 hours on average.
3) Post-surgical orthodontic treatment: This period, in which minor corrections are made after surgery, lasts for 6-12 months. At the end of this period, the brackets are removed and reinforcement treatment is started.

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