Organic Nutrition During Pregnancy

We know that nutrition has a very important place in every aspect of life, especially in our age. From birth to death, nutrition specific to each period shows diversity and difference. Just as it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition for growth and development in childhood, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition in order to minimize the destruction in the body and to live longer and healthier in old age.

Nutrition, which is important in every period of an individual’s life, actually takes its most important place in the period in the womb, where the individual cannot make a choice. Here, the individual cannot choose, and instead the mother makes the choice here. So, mothers, I want you to ask yourself the following question; What kind of life do I want my child to have?

As a matter of fact, every mother wants to have a beautiful and healthy life, but unfortunately, sometimes this situation can only be wanted without realizing it. The questions and applications of what is necessary for my child and what can be done scientifically are often skipped. Don’t forget that nutrition during pregnancy is your child’s first steps, and a baby who takes his first steps well can walk strong without thinking about his next steps.

We say that nutrition during pregnancy should always be organic. Organic nutrition is the name given to the consumption of products grown by methods that are completely free from hormones and chemicals. Today, organic nutrition areas are being created. Humanity should give importance to organic nutrition, especially during pregnancy. Today, the incidence of mental retardation in children born due to non-organic nutritional status has increased and is increasing.

Foods containing hormones and chemicals can directly damage human DNA. The degradation of DNA can also result in the birth of disabled and unhealthy children. Organic nutrition is necessary during pregnancy for the healthy continuation of the generation.

The nutrients in organic nutrition are produced with completely natural methods, using organic fertilizers, without using any chemicals or hormones. The energy source is completely natural sun and wind. Animal feeds are completely natural and from nature.

What Should Be Considered While Buying Organic Products During Pregnancy?

  • When buying organic products, attention should be paid to the “Organic Product” logo on the product.

  • It should be noted that the logo of “Agriculture and Rural Affairs” is on the product.

  • If you are buying products from the market, care should be taken to choose shapeless and rough products, not products that look flat and beautiful.

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