Orange describes Citrus sinensis, a tree of the genus Citrus, and its fruit.

The benefits of orange;

It is useful against colds such as flu and flu. Immunity in human serum

It increases the levels of IgA, IgM and complement of the components, increases the activities of viruses.

strengthens the immune system.

2. Orange is a good food for oral and dental health. Regularly consumed orange, gum

It protects your mouth against diseases and tooth decay. In vitamin C deficiency, collagen

Wound healing is delayed because its synthesis is interrupted, open wounds occur on the skin, tooth

bleeding in the meat, Scurvy Disease is seen.

3. Orange is a special fruit for those who are considering pregnancy. Contains folic acid mother

It is one of the support vitamins that the candidate needs and is important for the development of the baby and neural

prevent tube defect. In addition, macrocytic anemia and high homocysteine ​​in its deficiency

Coronary heart diseases, neurological diseases can be seen because of it.

4. Thanks to the fiber it contains, it is also protective against cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

It strengthens the veins.

5. Orange helps to lower high blood pressure due to the potassium it contains.

and balances blood pressure.

6. Orange ensures the proper functioning of the liver. It cleanses the body of harmful substances.

7. In the solution of anemia due to the iron and vitamin C it contains

is used. Vitamin C increases iron absorption, in steroid hormone synthesis.

is in charge.

8. It facilitates digestion by increasing stool weight thanks to the insoluble fiber it contains,

relieves constipation.

9. It can also be consumed as orange juice, orange peel and orange oil. Fruit

essential oil in its shell, vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, E, C in its juice, fruit sugar, organic

There are acids, mineral salts, pectin.

10. Thanks to the vitamin C in its content, it prevents the conversion of nitrites into nitrosomes.

reduces the carcinogenic effects of estrogen derivatives. skin caused by sun rays

reduces the risk of cancer.

Nutritional Element Value in 100 grams

water 86.34 g

Energy 49 stay

Protein 1.04g

Total fat 0.3 g

Carbs 11.89 g

Pulp 2.5 g

Calcium 40mg

Iron 0.09mg

Magnesium 10mg

Phosphorus 17mg

Potassium 179mg

sodium 0mg

Zinc 0.06mg

Vitamin C 48.5mg

Thiamine 0.087mg

Riboflavin 0.04mg

niacin 0.274 mg

Vitamin B6 0.063mg

Folate 39 µg

Vitamin B12 0

Vitamin A 12 µg

Vitamin D 0

Saturated fatty acid 0.035 g

Monounsaturated fatty acid 0.055 g

Polyunsaturated fatty acid 0.06 g

cholesterol 0

dit. İlayda Sena BALKI

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