These appliances, which are used in some of the adolescent patients, require a high level of patient compliance. Because the removal is under the control of the patient, treatment may result in frustration in reluctant patients. The patient needs to know this: Just as a child with a broken arm needs to put his arm in a cast to heal, and this is not a shameful or funny situation, similarly, such an option should be put up with in order to have better teeth in orthodontic treatment. It is very important for the patient to wear these appliances correctly and for the desired time. Laziness during the day and forgetting to wear the appliance will extend the total treatment time. Although there are alternatives to these appliances, which have taken their place in orthodontic treatment for many years, none of them have been as successful as these. Therefore, taking care of these appliances and wearing them when necessary is a necessity for a successful treatment. There are several types of extraoral appliances:


It consists of an inner part that attaches to the upper molars and an outer part that receives support from the neck. Some cases where the upper teeth are located in front of the lower teeth is one of the areas of use. Headgear limits the forward development and movement of your upper teeth and upper jaw by applying a slight pulling force back to your teeth.

Facemask or Reverse Headgear

It is used in cases where the upper teeth are behind the lower teeth. Used with elastics on the front of the face. It pulls the upper teeth forward with elastics to ensure the forward development of the upper jaw and teeth.


This appliance, which circulates from the top of the head and grips the chin, allows the lower jaw to be pulled backwards or downwards. Usage area is limited. Because the lower jaw cannot be controlled like the upper jaw and cannot be directed as desired. With the development of surgical options, chin retraction with a surgical treatment after the age of 18 in patients with anterior mandible is a more accepted option today.

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