Oral and Dental Health in Quarantine Days

Hello everyone. There are many things that we have to stay away from during the quarantine days, and unfortunately, oral and dental health services are one of them. I would like to talk about what we can do to prevent some dental problems that we do not want to experience in a period when no one should be in contact with anyone, can we prevent them with personal care.

MUST brush your teeth before going to bed at night

You may think that there is little point in explaining the importance of brushing teeth, which should be done at least 2 times a day, in 2020; don’t think. If national publications explain the importance of hand washing at the point where the world is today, maybe there are some things we missed, right?

Teeth are the only structures that connect the bones in the body with the outside world. For this reason, cleaning and maintenance is of great importance.

Especially at night, brushing teeth before going to bed is the most important; because our body works like a machine in resting mode while we sleep. Our teeth are mechanically cleaned to some extent by touching each other while talking, eating and drinking. When the food residues escaping between the teeth become annoying enough, they are removed with tools such as toothpicks and dental floss. However, none of this happens while you sleep, and an enormous environment is created for the millions of bacteria living in the oral environment. The majority of dental caries and gum problems occur and progress during these hours. Remember that we need immunity in every field these days; Oral and dental health is also an important part of your general health and is the biggest border gate of our body.

Time to meet dental floss

This distinguished care product, which has just started to take its place in our society, can be your biggest savior for your toothache these days. If the food residues in the points where the toothbrush cannot reach are not removed from that area, it can cause infection in your gums, which can cause a very painful abscess. In addition, you can prevent these food jams, which cause the development of caries and the rapid progression of existing caries, by allocating 3-4 minutes a day. I know, flossing is not an easy practice for everyone; but I think everyone has plenty of time to practice during this period. Add dental floss to your grocery shopping list, please. You can overcome many situations where you may experience severe pain, especially during this period, with dental floss.

Possible Effects of Stress and Pressure on Oral and Dental Health of Quarantine Days 

Sickness psychology, cleanliness obsession, social pressure, economic uncertainty and similar situations created by the quarantine days cause the stress meter to rise rapidly. This can cause an explosion in cases of bruxism (teeth clenching/grinding problem), which is one of the leading dental problems caused by stress. Bruxism patients grind their teeth uncontrollably, and this causes fractures in teeth, fillings, existing veneers, and as a result, pain is almost inevitable. In addition, joint problems begin to appear in bruxism patients and the patient becomes painful when opening his mouth. This affects nutrition and our immunity, which is initially affected locally, begins to be affected in general. So what can we do about this situation at home? As experts say, healthy sleep is very important. You can do daily exercises to reduce stress. Many fitness trainers offer exercise suggestions that can be done at home on social media these days; you can take advantage of them.

Take out the electronic devices in your room before sleep; You can solve the alarm clock problem with analog clock. Remember, the blue light emitted from the phones directly suppresses the production of the hormone melatonin, which is effective in the sleep mechanism and makes it difficult to sleep.

There are scientific articles showing that a few drops of essential chamomile oil that you drip into your room or bed provides a much more peaceful sleep; you can take advantage of them.

Consult Your Dentist, Get Information About the Urgency of Your Situation

The Turkish Dentists Association has informed all clinics that provide dental health services regarding situations that require emergency intervention in dentistry. Of course, every patient’s situation is urgent; however, in these days when we are facing an extraordinary situation, staying at home and avoiding contact is a priority. Ask your dentist about the urgency of the problem you are experiencing. Remember, we are going through a period in which the standards of even the bread we buy from the market are changing; Trust us, physicians, to get out of this change process in the most undamaged way. We take care of your health by considering every possibility more than once and try to do the best for your health.

Stay healthy.

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