Oral and dental health in expectant mothers; It is extremely important for both themselves and their babies to be born. The most obvious change seen with pregnancy is that the saliva structure in the mouth becomes more acidic. This means an increased risk of tooth decay. Depending on the hormonal changes during pregnancy; Gingivitis, which we call ‘pregnancy gingivitis’, is the most common manifestation with bleeding. Wearing of the teeth called ‘erosion’ is also a very common complaint. Contrary to popular belief; The belief that ‘every pregnancy loses a tooth’ is definitely not true. With regular dental check-ups before and during pregnancy, you can spend this process extremely healthy. You can greet your baby with a white smile with the preventive methods that your doctor will apply, the treatments and recommendations that will be applied according to the stages of your pregnancy. ”Remember! Tooth and gingival inflammations increase the probability of low-weight baby delivery ‘7 times’. Therefore, do not neglect your regular dental check-ups before and during pregnancy.

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