Oral and dental health during pregnancy:

Pregnancy is a sensitive period for expectant mothers, both mentally and physically. In this period
hormonal changes that differ in pregnancy, the body is vulnerable to some bacteria
can leave. Maintaining oral hygiene, especially during pregnancy when the oral mucosa is affected
gains immense value.
Importance of pre-pregnancy dental care:
Some health problems that the expectant mother may experience may affect the course of pregnancy. In planned pregnancies,
Oral hygiene is important. The mother’s diet in this process may be experienced in the future.
Helps prevent problems. During pregnancy, some hormones and secretion systems of the body
changes are observed. During this period, changes in eating habits, tooth and surrounding tissues are damaged.
makes it more likely to see. If we solve the oral problems of the expectant mother before pregnancy,
if we restore rotten teeth, perform extractions of teeth that are prone to trouble, and
If we take care of the gums, it has become resistant for future body changes.
we will be.
The harm of decayed teeth to the baby:
Microbes and bacteria in the oral flora spread to the body through the digestive tract. Microbes are always
is the cause of risk. For this reason, these bacteria and harmful organisms can be removed from the mouth during pregnancy.
must be removed.
There is an undeniable relationship between gum problems and diabetes. During pregnancy, most
One of the major health problems is gestational diabetes. For this reason, it will trigger diabetes in pregnancy.
elements must be minimized.
Effects of pregnancy on dental health:
Hormonal changes also affect oral secretions. Increased vomiting during pregnancy, reflux
disorders increase the acid rate in the mouth, which leads to tooth decay and damage to the gums.
makes you see. Hormone disorders and changes damage the gums and cause them to swell.
In the later stages of pregnancy, with increasing sleep problems and deterioration of sleep quality,
teeth clenching, grinding and joint pain are observed.
Eating habits also change during pregnancy. Eating frequency increases and pregnant women are more attentive than before.
must pay attention to oral hygiene in some way. Brushing regularly 2 times in normal time 3 e
should be removed. During pregnancy, the salivary flow rate decreases. This is due to the washing effect of saliva.
causes us to be deprived. Saliva is a cleaner, protects teeth and their surroundings from caries. from pregnancy
Therefore, we can replace the decreased saliva flow rate by increasing brushing.
Problems that can be caused by dental stones during pregnancy:
Food residues combined with saliva mineralize to form dental calculus. dental calculus only pregnancy
It is always harmful not in the process, but pregnant individuals should pay more attention to their oral hygiene.
must. During pregnancy, the formation of calculus increases, as the gums can hold edema more easily.
shows. Regardless of the period of pregnancy, if there is no special situation, dental calculus cleaning should be done.
is needed.
Procedures for pregnant women with toothache:
All kinds of procedures can be performed in pregnancies without problems. However, in order not to get tired of the pregnant, during this period
only urgent needs are met, the remaining treatments are postponed until after the birth. Acute like a broken tooth

Except for cases, X-rays of the pregnant are not welcomed. In troubled pregnancies (risk of miscarriage,
risk of premature birth, bleeding distress), if the obstetrician approves and deems the treatment appropriate
transactions can be applied.
As long as the obstetrician, who follows the pregnancy process, gives approval, the tooth is in every period of pregnancy.
caries can be treated. 2nd trimester (3rd-6th month) of pregnancy approximately between 13th and 27th weeks
It is defined as the safest and most appropriate period for treatments.
X-rays are not taken from the pregnant woman during root canal treatment. Some measuring the canal lengths of the teeth instead of x-rays.
equipment is used. All kinds of dental treatment can be done during pregnancy, including tooth extraction.
If it is not an emergency, acute situation, treatment is postponed until after delivery.
Precautions to be taken before pregnancy:
* Dental check-ups should be done before pregnancy. Decayed teeth, condition of wisdom teeth, formerly
transactions should be checked.
* Attention should be paid to brushing and eating habits.
* Treatments that need to be done should be done on time.

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