Onset of Lumbar Hernia

Excess weight, sedentary life, smoking, repetition of movements that are not suitable for spinal physiology, and performing professions that require heavy lifting… If you also have these risk factors, my dear patients, I can say that you have the appropriate conditions for the onset of herniated disc.

Low back pain is a health problem that can affect people of all ages and, in its severity, turns daily life into a nightmare. Sometimes, as a result of movements that are not suitable for the physiology of the spine, low back pain can become chronic from time to time, which can be felt for a short time. When the causes of low back pain are examined, we can conclude that various factors cause pain.


One of the most important and most feared factors causing low back pain is undoubtedly herniated disc. Herniated disc is a health problem that can affect a person’s daily life, reduce the quality of life and also cause loss of work force. It is not possible to generalize that everyone who suffers from low back pain will experience a herniated disc, however, I wanted to prepare an article for you about the onset of herniated disc, as I think it is important to have information about the onset of herniated disc.

What is a herniated disc?

Yes, my dear patients, before giving information about the onset of herniated disc, “What is a herniated disc?” I want to give a short answer to the question.

Our waist region carries the entire weight of our body, distributes the load first to the hips and then to the legs, and distributes the load in a balanced way. There are five vertebrae in our waist and cartilage pads (disks), joints and soft tissues that contain a gel-like fluid that connects these five vertebrae but prevents them from coming into contact with each other.


The discs, which act as a buffer between our vertebrae, prevent our vertebrae from overlapping and thus prevent our vertebrae from rubbing against each other. In addition to these important duties, they evenly spread the load on the lumbar region to bones, muscles and cartilage.

Everything is normal up to this point, but “What is a herniated disc?”

Here, my dear patients, the change in the structure of the disc as a result of the fact that these discs, which are located between the lumbar vertebrae, are exposed to more load for various reasons and the fluid in the discs decreases, is called “lumbar hernia”.

In patients with lumbar hernia, the structures of the discs between the vertebrae are impaired and the discs can no longer perform their duties. In this case, the deformed discs may contact the nerves and cause complaints such as low back pain and leg pain.

What Causes Lumbar Hernia?

I can list the risk factors of herniated disc as follows;

  • being overweight

  • lead a sedentary life

  • Having an accident or being traumatized

  • making sudden moves

  • Pregnancy

  • Smoking

  • Having occupations that require permanent residence

WARNING: It is not possible to say that everyone who has the risk factors of herniated disc that I have mentioned above will have a herniated disc. However, it is very important to have information about the onset of herniated disc and to read the complaints correctly. By the way, I would like to mention the symptoms of the onset of herniated disc for you.

Back Hernia Onset Symptoms

The onset symptoms of hernia may vary depending on where the hernia occurs and whether the hernia is pressing on the nerves. It is not correct to generalize that every patient with lumbar hernia will experience the symptoms of lumbar hernia. The symptoms of herniated disc may intensify at certain times and may alleviate at certain times.

The most common sign of the onset of herniated disc is low back pain. However, as I repeat at every opportunity, every low back pain should not be considered as a symptom of herniated disc disease. In addition to low back pain, in the case of pain that hits the legs, the suspicion of herniated disc becomes a little more realistic.

WARNING: The onset of herniated disc may not always cause low back pain. If the disc is in contact with nerve areas in line with the damage it has received, pain may occur in different parts of the body in line with the nerve it contacts. For this reason, patients who experience the symptoms that I will list shortly, even if they do not experience low back pain, should not neglect to seek expert opinion.

Except for back and leg pain;

  • numbness in legs

  • Difficulty walking

  • difficulty sitting

  • limitation of movement

  • Decreased reflexes in the legs

  • If the hernia comes into contact with the nerves, symptoms such as numbness in the nerve areas can be felt in the initial period of hernia.

These symptoms, in the initial stage of hernia, may worsen if the hernia progresses, and patients may experience additional health problems.

When lumbar hernia progresses, complaints such as inability to control the excretory system muscles and erection problem in men may occur.

WARNING: Dear patients, if you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms of herniated disc that I mentioned above, I recommend you to have your necessary health checks without wasting time. You can stop the progression of the disease by applying treatment options for herniated disc in the early period, and you can improve your health before the hernia problem progresses.


Back Hernia Onset Treatment Methods

After diagnosing the onset of herniated disc, treatment alternatives suitable for the person’s age, general health, and even profession should be evaluated. As I always say, “there is no disease, there is a patient.” philosophy should always be in mind.

In the initial stage of hernia;

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain causing inflammation

  • Painkillers can be recommended to control the pain and increase the comfort of life of the person.

Rest is important…

Resting of the patients is also a necessary process within the scope of the treatment of lumbar hernia onset. Patients who are advised to rest should clearly learn from their doctors how long they need to lie down.

The exercises should be determined specifically for you…

If the herniated disc is in the initial stage, the person may be asked to do exercises appropriate for their general health and age and/or to go to physical therapy.

Each of the treatments for lumbar hernia is to stop the progression of the disease and to enable the patients to lead a more comfortable life. This is the reason why steroid injections are used when necessary.

How Should We Avoid Herniated Back?

My dear patients, herniated disc is mostly a preventable health problem. You can reduce the risk of herniated disc by following the things you need to pay attention to for a healthy life.

  • If you are overweight, move on and lose weight by eating healthy. Do not forget that not only the risk of herniated disc, but also various types of cancer that can be triggered by excess weight, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, cardiovascular diseases will threaten your life.

  • Avoid sudden movements, although your skeletal system is strong, sudden reverse movements can harm your body.

  • If you work at a desk or in a job where you have to sit all the time, take care of your posture. Don’t stay in the same position all the time!

  • Quit smoking and alcohol consumption. Smoking inhibits the transport of oxygen to the cells, while alcohol reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood. Both habits are quite harmful for you!

  • Be aware of your physical capacity, please do not try to lift very heavy items.

  • Try when choosing your bed, a bed that will support the natural curvature of your back and not be buried in it is also very important for quality sleep.

You can protect your skeletal system health by making a few small but effective changes! With love…

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