online therapy

Online Therapy

Online Therapy

Technology is increasing its place and effects in our lives day by day. With the pandemic entering our lives, our fondness for technology has increased a little more. It can even be said that it has become indispensable for many of us in recent years. In our country, psychotherapy services are easily carried out online. Dozens of clients come from environments where they feel comfortable and safe; For example, they easily receive psychotherapy services from their homes and offices.

What is Online Therapy?

As a scientific method that has been applied for many years in various countries, including the USA and Europe, online therapy, also known as online therapy, has become widespread in terms of process and use, especially with the effect of the pandemic. Thanks to online therapy, which is a remote psychological assistance application in which individual or group therapies are carried out by using certain information technologies, face-to-face individual, couple and group therapies are performed very comfortably.

During the face-to-face therapy, the privacy between the client and the therapist is also protected during the online therapy process. Therapies take place through programs used in an environment where the client and therapist feel safe. Average sessions last 45-50 minutes. This period varies according to the school applied between the therapist and the client and the dynamics of the session. In face-to-face therapy, all confidentiality rules in the session room also apply to online therapy. No session can be recorded without the client’s consent.

What are the Advantages of Online Therapy?

According to studies, it has been determined that there is no difference in benefit between online therapies and face-to-face therapies for support for many psychological problems. On the contrary, one of the most important advantages of online therapy is that it facilitates access to psychological help. This therapy offers anyone who needs support the opportunity to get help anywhere they want without physically traveling. It provides convenience for people who have difficulty in traveling physically due to their physical disability, who take care of children or patients at home, who have to constantly change cities due to their job, who have difficulty in getting permission from the workplace, who are inconvenient to go out, or who are worried about receiving face-to-face psychological help. The concept of time has now become an important concept for all of us. Another important point of online therapy for us is that we save time.

If you want to go to therapy but can’t find enough time, your life and responsibilities make it difficult for you to go to therapy, but if you feel that you need therapy, Online Therapy service may be for you.

With its expert staff, Psychology Balat brings you Online Therapy / Counseling service. You can contact our team for more detailed information about Online Therapy / Counseling and to make an appointment.

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