One’s naughty feeling: fear

Life without emotions is like a black and white painting. Emotions are the color of life. Aren’t emotions an existential feature of human beings? Our reactions to life…

People become happy, angry, sad, surprised… Imagine that you don’t have feelings?

Feelings; It is the emergence of our thoughts about the events or situations we encounter. In other words, the person creates the emotions himself. He determines his own reaction to the event.

For example; The person who has not heard from his friend for a few days is angry that he did not call and somehow did not contact him. Despite calling him, the fact that he does not reach him makes the person both think and angry. 2 days later, the person who was angry when his friend called, spoke in a more curious, calmer and more understanding style than thinking that something had happened to his friend instead of talking to his friend in an angry way when he answered the phone. The person started to get angry with the thoughts that passed in his mind (that his friend was irresponsible, did not value him). However, knowing his friend well enough and the thought that there was a reason for him to behave in this way also helped him to reduce his nervousness and show a more understanding approach. In this case, the person was able to control his emotions by directing his thoughts.

Many examples can be given, such as the one we gave. The person may not be able to change their feelings completely or vice versa, but the person can always have a small effect on their feelings.

So which emotion do we want to affect the most?

-I think that the majority of those who want to answer this question “fear”.

So why fear?

Fear is an emotion that can prevent us from experiencing other emotions. Fear is not a negative emotion per se. Although it has a protective aspect against the person, it also has a side that guides the person to the right choices.

For example; Perhaps the greatest fear of many people is death. The fear of death or the fear of killing someone protects from many negative situations and emotions that a person may encounter. Comply with traffic rules while driving; In fact, it is a result of the fear of death and the fear of killing someone.

Fear; one of our main emotions. It is an emotion that confronts a person with positive or negative situations throughout his life. We expressed the positive side with the example we gave. So what’s the downside of this feeling?

Fear is our response to the thought of danger. Many situations that we call danger are factors determined by one’s own thoughts.

For example; The person wants to go abroad and this is one of his biggest dreams. However, the person has a fear of airplanes and heights. Due to these fears, the person either postpones or restricts his dream abroad. But if he didn’t have this fear, he wouldn’t have given up on his dreams. The fact that the person does not face his fear or always runs away from this fear prevents him from fully realizing his dream. Being afraid to face the fear, the existence of the fear and not wanting to overcome it is an obstacle placed in front of one’s dreams. And the architect of this obstacle is himself. The person has created and nurtured his own barrier.

Another feature of fear is always growing as long as it exists or does not disappear. The growth of its influence wears out the person and begins to reduce the pleasure he gets from life. He continues to take away his dreams, happiness and life.

So how do we deal with our fears?

– If your fear has started to seriously harm you and has a direct impact on your life, you need to start fighting it. The biggest factor that feeds fear is to avoid it. You have to face your fear.

Face your fear. Get to know your fear first; What is the situation that gives you fear, which situations give you fear, when did you first experience this fear? You should start with these questions and recognize your fear.

We mentioned that the main element that creates your fear is your thoughts. That’s why you should change your thinking. As your thoughts change, you will find that your fear decreases.

As long as you face your fear and target them; You will feel that you are liberated and that you are in control of your life again.

Don’t you think it’s time to start this war with your fear?

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