Oncoplastic surgery – no woman has to lose her breast!

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The loss of the body integrity of the person or the parts that are thought to provide this causes more or less demoralization, reluctance and depression in people. organ loss in an invisible part; for example, loss of stomach or intestines can lead to medical problems. However, the person usually does not feel or notice the loss of body integrity.

The loss of body parts that are seen and felt by ourselves and others with whom we communicate every day leads to greater mental problems.

In recent years, when it has been determined that in certain cases, it is not necessary to completely remove the breast in breast cancer, surgeries aimed at protecting the body integrity of the woman; has led to a marked increase in breast-conserving surgery. In addition, in cases where the entire breast needs to be removed, it is now performed in surgeries that provide body integrity.

In the past, these surgeries were performed after a certain period of time (usually 1 year after) cancer surgery, but now they can be performed at the same time as cancer surgery.

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