On the factors affecting sexual life

In a relationship, it is very important for partners to express and share their feelings, desires and expectations about sexuality in open communication. However, incomplete/distorted/false beliefs and knowledge about sexuality and acquired prejudices prevent this, which leads to pretending to be sexual in most relationships, role-playing, and even sexual alienation of partners from each other.

With the taboo of sexuality, the natural flow of sexual life is disrupted, especially with the wrong codes socially imposed on male and female sexuality. For example; When a woman shares her sexual desires and expectations, she is labeled with the known male language, since she can share it, everything can be done to her (personal limits can be exceeded), or the fear of being misunderstood by the woman when the man wants to share, the possibility of getting a reaction from her partner that she is not a woman in that known male language. The more learned femininity/masculinity roles can be purged, the more the man can understand and meet the woman in himself and the woman can meet with him, the more these obstacles will be reduced, and the way for a natural, harmonious and balanced sexual life will be opened. So, it is essential to create a new man and a new woman, out of memorization, from the situations that are thought about / thought about / thought / lived and made to live in the name of masculinity and femininity!

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