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The determining factor in whether men and women are satisfied with their sexuality, love and passion is the quality of the friendship between the couple, at a rate of 70 percent.

Happy partnerships are not perfect. Conflict is normal in a draw. In happy and strong partnerships, partners share a deep sense of meaning. Not only do they make a living, they also support each other’s hopes and aspirations and develop a sense of purpose in their togetherness. Failure to do this in partnerships can lead partners to endless, useless squabbles or to feel isolated and lonely.

Couples spend years changing each other’s mindset, but that’s not possible. Because most disagreements are rooted in fundamental differences in lifestyle, personality, or values. By fighting over these differences, they can only manage to waste their time and damage their togetherness. The basic and universal requirements about relationships are; There is nothing more difficult than another person, all people constantly seek attention, there is no one who does not seek attention, Relationship takes effort, couples build their own unique but often false theories about their relationship, every complaint about a relationship is an indication of an underlying emotional need.

Famous psychologist Gerald Rogers shared a letter with his Facebook friends and followers after going through a difficult divorce process. In his letter and his feelings, he said, “As someone who lost a woman I love very much after a marriage that lasted for almost 16 years, I would like to give you some advice.” He tried to explain by writing. Rogers, whose advice in his letter was highly appreciated, adds that perhaps these sentences can save some relationships.

First of all, what you need to keep in mind in a relationship is that the other person is neither yours nor you belong to them. When you propose to her, to own her heart and protect it; You promise to be the person she wants and deserves. It should not be forgotten that your heart is the most important and the most sacred treasure to be entrusted; he chose you. That’s why you should never be lazy about a relationship.

Show your determination to be the guardian of the heart of the person you love with the same sensitivity about your own heart. Love yourself and the world fully. But keep in mind that the person you love has a special place in your life and that no one else should enter it.

You will constantly change, it is impossible to remain the same person as long as you are with him. In fact, in a few years, you won’t be the same person. Change is at your door; you both must have good reasons to choose each other over and over again every day.

But remember, it’s not like he will always be with you. If you don’t care about his heart, you may give the key to someone else’s heart and you may never be able to get it back. So always fight to win her love. Just focus on why you love him. The more you focus, the more your love will grow. If you focus on mistakes, everything you see will give you a reason to make mistakes.

Of course, focusing on your love will not help you completely, but at least this way, you can overcome many problems with your love. As long as you look at the person you love and your love from the right angle, you will find that you are one of the luckiest people in the world. Stop trying to direct your loved one. All you have to do is love it. Even if he really changes one day, let it happen by his own choice, not by your will.

The task of the person in your life is not to make you a “happy person”; therefore, an “unhappy person” cannot do it either. Only you are responsible for your own happiness. When you see this important detail, your relationship will already be happy.

The only reason you are angry with the person you love is because an emotion inside you causes you to take action. Your feelings are entirely your own, so they are all your responsibility. Give yourself time to examine what you’re feeling and ask yourself all the questions.

As long as you determine the cause of your negative emotions well, you can prevent those emotions from hurting you once again. When your loved one is unhappy or upset, it’s not your job to fix it. But you have to be aware of his situation. You have to let him know that you understand him and how much he means to you.

Even if he wants to get away for a while, he can answer him “Don’t run away from me”, that you are always with him and you are not going anywhere; You can say that you don’t have to look strong when you’re together. That way, he will be more open with you and will trust you.

Would you be a fool for the person you love? Yes, you should be. Don’t take yourself too seriously with him. Laugh a lot and make him laugh too. Remember that laughing makes everything easier. Learn to speak her love language and things to stir up her feelings. Start giving one more level of importance to the things he cares about.

Suggest that she make a list of things that will make her feel like a real queen, and offer to do the things on the list together. Give him not only your time, but your attention and your soul. Do whatever it takes to completely clear your mind when you’re with him. Never forget that it is your most important disease and your best treatment method. Yes, don’t be stupid, but don’t be afraid to look like an idiot either. Of course you will make mistakes and that will often be the reason.

The important thing is that you try not to make big mistakes and take care to learn from your mistakes. Maybe you’re not perfect. But there’s no need to try to be stupid, right?

You don’t always have to be side by side. But always willing to share your fears and feelings; Also, be quick to admit your mistakes.

Let’s say your loved one is pretty good at compromising. But you should know that that person also needs to feed and develop his own soul. Sometimes he even has to break away from your arms and experience some adventures on his own. Rest assured that after such situations, the person you love will never be the same. Just give him this opportunity.

If you want a bond of trust between you, you must be willing to share everything about you with him. Especially about things you don’t want to share. In fact, it takes a lot of courage to do so, because when you open your heart completely to it and that truth meets you; You can never be sure what he will find in you. Courage means allowing him to love you with everything you have. And if you try, you will see that your dark side will be a light to you.

So, get rid of the mask on your face right now. If you have to wear a mask when you’re with him and you always need to look perfect, you’ll never really know what love is.

Stagnant water accumulates bacteria; but the flowing water is always clean and refreshing. Or even if you have been doing sports for years and working your muscles, your body will search for your first day as soon as you stop, right? Relationships are just like this; You should never stop thinking about your relationship. Therefore, think together and determine your common goals, dreams and what you want to do.

Making money is like a game and to win this game, make sure you have a good relationship with your partner, even that will be enough. What’s wrong with one hand, two hands have a voice.

Always choose to forgive in your relationship and focus on the future rather than the past. Don’t let your past take you hostage and get lost in memories. Forgiveness is freedom. So stop hurting your relationship and always choose love.

This is the last piece of advice you need at the end of this post. If you make all these recommendations a principle; there will be nothing left to threaten your relationship. Love will always last…

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