On relationship & couple therapy

Did you find someone or each other?

Do you love someone because you need them? Do you need it because you love it?

What is your definition of relationship?

What are your expectations about the relationship? What is your contribution in the relationship cycle that keeps repeating and you don’t want it to go like this all the time?

What kind of inner benefit does the thing that you can both complain about and give up on in this cycle, what is the main thing that draws you to yourself in that cycle?

Do you really want a change, improvement or keeping/continuing/reinforcing the relationship under your control?

Are you ready to recognize and face your relationship and yourself in it?

relationship therapy; this etc. It is a type of therapy that allows change, development, and psycho-social and sexual restructuring of the relationship by understanding and making sense of the elements and dynamics of the relationship, being aware of your relationship and your own reality in the relationship, daring to face your share of them.

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