On Our Wishes..

Every moment we live with our wishes prevents us from living the moment. We focus so much on forgetting the people and events we want to forget that we unwittingly reinforce them and keep them fresh. Your life is your life with wrong, right, lack, too much, and you are a human being. That’s why not every moment of your life can be perfect, just like you. You have to accept that a perfect, happy and peaceful life is not possible. Our ability to make mistakes, the fact that other people can make mistakes and knowing that this happens in our existence changes our perspective on events, people and life in general. Living knowing this protects us from the bondage of our wish.

Maybe you trusted someone too much or you had to. Maybe you are not appreciated despite all the sacrifices you have made. Maybe you have many moments where you can’t defend your rights and stay silent. Maybe you let the wrong people into your life. Maybe you have chosen a profession that is not suitable for you. Maybe you just wanted to follow the path of your feelings… But did your experiences that you see as regrets not add any beauty to you? Did it ever lead to anything good? Didn’t he teach you anything about life?

Even if our experiences hurt us or lead us to paths we do not want, life does not shield us with its negative aspects, as you think. Of course, after every difficulty, a beauty and an ease appear. Can we notice these beauties, do we want to see them? Can we take our share from what happened? What caused this, was it in my hands or did it develop out of my will? Can we draw a roadmap for how I can repair my life and myself?

Everything we lose reminds us of the value of what we have. It causes us to realize the many blessings we still have, for which we are grateful for their existence and importance. That’s why every loss you experience adds maturity to you. As long as we can be patient and look at things from every angle.

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