On Attachment Issues

The influence of the environmental conditions that a developing baby experiences and learns in the womb lasts for a lifetime. It has even been proven that the cause of obesity, cancer, diabetes diseases, heart and circulatory problems and many psychological disorders are based on the prenatal period. During pregnancy, the baby receives clues about what kind of world he will be born into. If the mother has not been adequately fed/nourished during pregnancy, the person may have rapid weight gain, obesity or problems in the field of nutrition, with the belief that she may not be able to feed after birth. Our core beliefs about ourselves are formed during pregnancy and childbirth.

If the mother rejects or neglects the baby during pregnancy, the belief that she does not deserve the love of others,

If the parents have a gender expectation, the family wants a baby boy and it is a girl who will be born, or vice versa, the person’s belief that I am unwanted,

The belief that I am worthless if it is an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy,

If there is a risk of miscarriage during pregnancy, the person may develop the belief that he is in danger, or if the mother has a history of miscarriage before him, the belief that he is not safe may develop.

On the other hand, the baby finds the most suitable place for itself to grow in a healthy way in the mother’s womb. It clings to it with a tiny scrape. Finding a safe place, holding on, settling in a place that will provide the best conditions for you. These are our root information that is recorded in our cells and that we experience for the first time in the life before birth. This first moment of attachment shows that we have found a beautiful place that nurtures our potentials, and that we can do it again in a lifetime, no matter how old we are. Despite all the negativities that have happened to us before we were born or throughout our lives, the part of us that still does not give up and still wants to get better, has its roots here.

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