Oh these traumas…

Although I can’t give an exact date, I think I woke up from my sleep a week ago. I’m swinging. I said I guess I was tired, I didn’t dwell on it too much.

A few days later, it was shaking again at night, but this time it was noisy. There is a crackling sound from the TV, the lamps are in motion, and I sit on the sofa and wait, stunned. I am normally a calm person, but what would I do if I had experienced a traumatic event before?

Let’s talk about traumas first; They are painful experiences that occur due to an event (sudden loss, natural disasters, attack, accident, terror, illness, etc.).

There are always painful experiences in everyone’s life, even if they vary. Grieving after these experiences is a natural process. Anxiety is the same, but if the traumatic event has not yet been overcome and has returned to post-traumatic disorder, there is a problem there. Because the quality of life begins to deteriorate.

PTSD – symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder;

The symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder include intense reactions to reminders, having nightmares, avoiding behavior in order not to remember, memory loss of that period, irritability, uneasiness, and feeling like living the event over and over again.

This is a condition that can be treated. Psychological support, on the other hand, is to ensure that the traumatic event is assimilated and included among other normalized events, to minimize the symptoms and to bring the person’s quality of life back to normal.

The most important issue when coping with post-traumatic stress disorder is the continuity of treatment. Think of it like an antibiotic, you literally have to finish the box to get well. While receiving expert support, you should ensure continuity and cooperate.

You have to accept that you cannot control everything at every moment and stop thinking that it is your fault. You should know that troubles can happen from time to time and you should give yourself time. Returning to your normal life quickly is the easiest way to cope with the process. You enter into the thought that nothing has changed in your life. While getting support, you should have a balanced diet (which is very important) and find an occupation such as sports or a hobby. Also, the social area is a good solution to get away from the thoughts in your mind. And remember that every investment you make in yourself makes you stronger.

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