OCD disorder question and answer

I felt the need to share it in the form of a question and answer that I received intensely –

Is love a disease, Mr. Meki?

In fact, it would be more correct to ask this question as follows.

Is love an obsessive disorder?

In many studies, it is said that love creates the same effect of OCD in brain chemistry. So, in this prediction, can we say that every lover has OCD?

Of course not… If we can’t get the person we love out of our minds all the time and that person turns into an obsession for us and this affects our routine functioning and develops a negative course in our daily needs, yes, we can say that there is a disorder.

What is obsessive compulsive disorder, Mr. Meki?

(OCD) restricts people by imprisoning them in the cycle of repetitive thoughts and behaviors, at the same time, this disease causes uncontrollable repetitive thoughts, which creates an obsession that makes the person platonic or the person he likes constantly disturbing during the day, and disorders that cannot carry out his daily life. How is it treated? We see this triggering situation intensely in platonic and forbidden relationships, our positive feedback, more intense process activities and unfortunately sometimes we have to go back to childhood.

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