Everyone living in the world has their own unique obsessions.

While walking on the road, some try not to step on the line of the cobblestones. Some count the signs,

Others have a sensitivity to cleanliness.

These obsessions do not reduce your quality of life and that continuity, repetitive structure

It is not a mental problem unless it transforms. However, a person turns over and over a locked door.

If he/she is controlling, if he/she cannot continue his/her normal life, he/she has a constant feeling of pollution.

If he is cleaning and still feels dirty, it is a mental problem.

We call this obsessive compulsive disorder. This is the obsession in society

Discomfort reduces a person’s quality of life and directly blocks the flow of life. This problem only

With the help of an expert, you can overcome it. Medication and psychotherapy will relieve you of this distress.

will save.

Stay with love…

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