Obesity and Exercise

Obesity; It is expressed as excessive lubrication of the body and is considered to be the biggest health problem of today’s societies. The World Health Organization defines obesity as having a Body Mass Index of 30 or above.

Obesity can cause a person to be physically, mentally and socially distressed. It negatively affects the general body health of the person, causes a negative body image and causes limitations in the performance of daily living activities. Therefore, solving the obesity problem will affect the person positively in every sense.

Obesity; It has negative effects on many systems such as respiratory, circulatory, digestive and musculoskeletal systems.


Being overweight means more load on bones and muscles. Therefore, although there are various causes of musculoskeletal diseases, the main reason is known as obesity. With obesity, movement becomes difficult. Mobility decreases with each passing day as the movement becomes more difficult. Decreased movement makes the cardiovascular system and breathing difficult, causing further weakening of the muscles and bones. This situation reduces the existing mobility day by day, disrupts the body mechanics and the effects continue to increase over time. However, as it is known, it is possible to prevent this situation with exercise.

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Exercise apps, we physiotherapists It is our biggest assistant that we recommend and apply for our clients in our treatments. Adopting a lifestyle intertwined with exercise, instilling this lifestyle in our clients and finding solutions to their related problems with exercise, as a requirement of our profession and expertise in this field, we by physiotherapists It is an important approach. For this reason, importance is given to exercise practices in obesity.

The most basic exercise in obesity is walking. Walking accelerates one’s blood circulation and increases calorie burn. Thus, the weight loss process begins. Of course, as is known, exercise practices should be continued as a whole with balanced and correct nutrition habits. Along with walking, various exercise combinations both accelerate weight loss and return the impaired body mechanics of the person to normal.

As a result, obesity is a serious health problem and great improvement can be achieved with appropriate nutrition and exercise programs.

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