The prevalence of obesity is increasing all over the world. According to the data published by the Ministry of Health, one out of every three people in the Turkish society is obese. In another study evaluating European countries, Turkey ranks first among European countries in terms of obesity prevalence.

The fact that people living in a social environment attach importance to their appearance and gain a place in society, the difficulties that obese people face in social environments, but more importantly, the health problems brought about by obesity have resulted in the need to focus on this issue. Many units have taken action to prevent this situation. These include dietitians, internal medicine physicians, and endocrine specialists. Patients evaluated medically, both diet treatments and drug treatments are used. Apart from this, many nutritional supplements and weight loss products are available in the market. Unfortunately, the uncontrolled use of these products sometimes leads to death. Unless we change our lifestyle, unfortunately, the lost weight quickly sticks back on us. This is a situation known to everyone, but there are different situations that science has detected in recent years. Bacteria living in our intestines do not only produce certain vitamins and feed on our leftovers. After they digest the undigested foods and form the small building blocks, these foods are absorbed from our intestines and returned to the body. What is more interesting is that the abundance of these bacterial families is paralleled by our weight and diseases. With long-term dietary adjustments, we can change our intestinal flora. That’s why the advertisements are continuing if we eat this food, it will be good for this disease… Unfortunately, different people in the media say that if we eat this food, it will be good for this disease, another expert says not to eat it. The limit here should be that we consume foods that are healthy in MEASURE. However, recent assessments suggest that a Mediterranean diet is healthier.

If we look at the situation from a gastroenterological point of view, lifestyle regulation has the most important place in obesity, which is a disease of our age. Lifestyle adjustments consist of nutritional therapy and exercise. However, people struggling with obesity also have limited mobility. There is joint damage due to excessive load. Therefore, supporting these patients with different methods will both increase their motivation and make weight loss easier. It is not recommended to perform rapid surgical intervention except for a certain patient group. The gastric balloon application, which has been used for a long time, allows the patient to lose weight in a healthy way. In addition, the application of botox to the stomach, which has been called more frequently recently, is one of the methods to be preferred. Provided that the patient regulates his lifestyle, if he makes use of these methods, he will ensure that he reaches his ideal weight in a healthy way.

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