In the words of the World Health Organization, obesity is “abnormal or excessive fat accumulation in the body to the extent that it impairs health”. Its development may be due to many biological, psychological and social reasons. The most important factors are unbalanced and high-calorie diet, inactivity. The increased fat ratio may initially be perceived only as a bodily image problem. However, after excess weight exceeds a certain limit, obesity becomes a factor that brings serious diseases and negatively affects the whole lifestyle of the person. Obesity; It is an important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, breast, uterus, colon cancer and musculoskeletal system diseases. Although it seems like a preventable disease at first glance, the rate of obesity in the general population is increasing.

Causes of Obesity Results

Conditions leading to obesity: Unhealthy eating habits, inactivity, joint problems, genetics, pregnancy, aging, steroids, antidepressants, hormonal diseases, smoking cessation and insomnia are among the factors that lead to the emergence of obesity.

Problems Caused by Obesity

Type II Diabetes, Insulin resistance, High blood pressure, Temporary respiratory arrest during sleep (sleep apnea), High cholesterol and blood fats, Depression, Physical discomfort, Menstrual irregularity, Infertility, Sexual problems, Gallbladder sludge, Excessive wear on the joints, Breast, ovary, Increased risk of uterine and colon cancers, and problems of adaptation in social environments are some of the problems caused by obesity.

WHO ARE SLIMMING SURGERIES NOT SUITABLE FOR? *People with “uncontrolled systemic disease” where anesthesia is very risky *People under the weight category 35 (Overweight or I. Degree Obesity) *Those with mental problems that cannot comprehend the procedures to be done *Socially lonely, will not be able to receive home environment support *People with psychiatric disorders who require treatment *Those who are addicted to drugs, alcohol or drugs *To completely inactive patients. Weight loss surgery is not appropriate.

What is Adjustable Stomach Band?

Gastric band (laparoscopic gastric band) surgery in obesity; It is an operation in the form of passing a silicone ring around the neck of the stomach. It is also known as gastric banding. The band is a silicone material like a long finger, one centimeter wide, 10 centimeters long, carrying an inflatable balloon along its inner surface when necessary. In the surgery, the band, which is inserted into the abdomen in an open straight manner, is tied around the stomach tissue a few centimeters below the esophagus-stomach junction and tied in a belt style. By forming a node in the stomach, an upper stomach chamber as large as a walnut is formed. When the food comes to the stomach, it first fills the upper stomach chamber as large as a walnut. Food can only pass through slowly, as the annular band partially chokes the passage. This situation slows down the speed of eating and causes a feeling of satiety quickly, thus providing weight loss. The operation is a procedure that can be performed under general anesthesia with a closed (laparoscopic) technique in less than an hour. One day of hospitalization is sufficient.

What is Gastric Bypass Surgery? Its basic logic is to open a shortcut in the digestive system and to deliver the food to the end without being fully digested. Thanks to gastric bypass surgery, foods are passed from the beginning of the stomach to the middle of the small intestine. Thus, most of the stomach, duodenum and first half of the small intestine are disabled. These parts have now become a dead end, with the upper end closed and the lower end opening to the active digestive tract. They just pour their secretions into the system. Foods pass through without entering them, and they are digested a little and thrown away. Surgery also has features such as reducing appetite and accelerating the feeling of satiety with mechanical and hormonal effects. The surgery is performed with a closed (laparoscopic) technique. It is a surgery that requires advanced technological devices and products. The new flow order created in the snow is permanent and irreversible.

What is Gastric Fold Surgery?

It is a weight loss operation similar to sleeve gastrectomy surgery, which has been started to be performed in recent years. Gastric folding surgery (gastric plication) is the wide left side of the stomach that is completely released and folded into itself in a vertical line. This is done by first turning the stomach inward with a vertical row of stitches, then turning this line back inward with a second row of stitches.

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