Nutritional Recommendations for Stomach Ailments


• Since long-term fasting will increase gastric acid secretion, individuals will gradually and frequently
should be fed frequently. Large amounts of food should be avoided at one meal.
Meals should be consumed slowly and chewed well.
• Extremely hot and extremely cold food in order not to damage the gastric mucosa.
consumption should be avoided.
• Liquids should not be consumed with meals in order not to fill the stomach volume.
• One should not lie down with a full stomach immediately after meals.
• Since tea and coffee increase gastric acid secretion, it is consumed in large amounts during the day.
brewed tea and coffee should not be consumed.
• Smoking and alcohol should be avoided.
• Hot spices (red pepper flakes, black pepper, isot, etc.) cause edema in the stomach wall and
Care should be taken as it increases pepsin secretion by causing damage.
• Excessively salty foods because salt adversely affects the gastric mucosa.
should not be consumed, salted – pickled food consumption should be limited.
• The negative impact of refined carbohydrate sources should not be forgotten. Candy
consumption should be limited as it can cause heartburn.
• Stay away from unhealthy cooking methods such as deep frying and roasting.
should be stopped.
• Adequate pulp intake should be provided during the day.
• Taking light-paced walks during the day helps prevent stomach and bowel movements.
It will help organize it.

Not Recommended Foods

• Alcoholic beverages
• Chocolate, cocoa and products containing chocolate,
• Legumes (dried beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, etc.)
limit or exclude from diet)
• Caffeinated beverages (such as tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, energy drinks)
• Full-fat milk/yogurt, cream, full-fat cheese varieties
• Frying products, delicatessen products (sausage, salami, etc.),
• Frozen products
• Pastries and pastries with high carbohydrate content and desserts with syrup and oil
• Hot spices, pickles, onions, garlic, mint and peppermint candies, vinegar, broth
prepared meals
• Such as celery, cabbage, cauliflower, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, orange, tomato
foods can increase sensitivity

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