Nutritional Recommendations

Adequate and balanced nutrition : to protect and improve our health and to increase our quality of life ; taking the nutrients that our body needs, in the right amount, at the right time and in the right ways; is to enable our bodies to use them. Our ongoing disease with unconscious food consumption; There are situations that we can’t fix even though we do everything, or we feel very healthy, but from time to time, we experience some discomforts, as we say. Could the biggest reason for this be that I CANNOT FEED adequately and in a balanced way? Today, we will have 3 topics that I will briefly share information with you. Foods that cause allergen effects in the body under the influence of the sun in summer, summer diarrhea in children, food-drug interactions..

Especially in summer, it creates a psoralen effect and creates a photoallergic situation; Parsley , figs , legumes , oil seeds ( nut ) , peach ( peel ) that we consume too much are the most important foods that we should pay attention to. Their excessive consumption (the amount varies according to the person) causes the onset of skin diseases. Carrots containing beta carotene, which helps the skin to protect itself naturally, should be consumed in certain amounts every day in the summer months according to the health status of the person. Summer diarrhea observed in children; Diarrhea syrup and antibiotics should not be given to the child with diarrhea, except for the doctor’s recommendation. Vegetable dishes, vegetable juices, vegetable soups and lentil soup should not be given to the child during this period. Fruit consumption such as melon, watermelon, grape, pear, strawberry should not exceed a certain amount and should not be fed in this process if necessary. Food consumption in ready-made packages should also be prevented, especially during this period. Blood thinners that are used in advanced ages; In case of high consumption of dark green leafy vegetables, which we increase again in summer, vitamin K (potassium) found in vegetables decreases the diluting effect and increases the risk of blood clotting. It is very important for people who use blood thinners to pay attention to their consumption of dark green leafy vegetables. The situation that people who consume tetracycline group antibiotics should pay attention to is; Ca (calcium) in milk and its products reduces the absorption of this antibiotic group; For this reason, if attention is paid to the fact that there is a 1-2 hour difference between the consumption of Ca-containing food and the use of antibiotics; Your response to the treatment applied by your doctor will be shorter and healthier.

Every season has its own unique foods that will fight diseases when the time comes, and that will enable our body to meet its needs in the most correct way. Therefore, consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables in the right amount, at the right time and in the right ways will always protect us from diseases in a better way.

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