Holidays are the periods when nutritional violations are most easily made.

The variety of food that increases with the coming together of family members and changes in meal times due to the holiday period can negatively affect our diet. It is very important to pay attention to certain rules in order to minimize these negativities and not to experience health problems.

In the feast of sacrifice, where the consumption of red meat increases considerably compared to other periods; Again, 3 main meals should be made, and when the hunger times are prolonged, they should be supported with snacks. It should be consumed only to taste, and you should be aware that when you consume a full portion meal at each visit, you will increase the nutritional intake you need many times over.

Meat should be cooked slowly and at low heat. Since meat firmness will be evident on the first slaughter day, the risk of cooking and digestive problems is quite high. It is very important for individuals with stomach and digestive problems to consume meat a day later if possible. Fatty meats such as roasting and frying should be avoided, and the visible fat of the meat should be removed.

As a cooking method; methods such as boiling, baking and grilling should be preferred, and frying and roasting methods should be avoided. If traditional roasting is to be done; It should be cooked on low heat in its own juice without adding butter, tail fat.

Red meat; It does not contain vitamins C and E.

For this reason, it is very important to cook the meat with vegetables or to add a vegetable dish rich in vitamin C or a raw green leafy salad. This method provides both nutritional diversity and increases the absorption of iron contained in red meat, thanks to the vitamin C found in vegetables.

Along with meat dishes, instead of rice and pasta, bulgur and plenty of vegetables; It will be much healthier to consume yoghurt, ayran and tzatziki instead of acidic beverages. In order to prevent heart health and cancer, care should be taken not to consume red meat more than 2 times a week, this should also be remembered during the feast of sacrifice.

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In addition to red meat consumption, consumption of sweet and sugary foods is also increasing significantly. On holiday visits; clear tea instead of juices; Instead of pastry-sorbet desserts and chocolate, milky desserts and fruits should be preferred as much as possible.

In this period, individuals with chronic diseases and high risk groups should be especially careful. The increase in the amount and frequency of red meat consumption creates serious health risks for cardiovascular patients, diabetes patients, hypertension patients and kidney patients.

It should not be forgotten that at least 8-10 glasses of water should be consumed per day, and the amount of physical activity should be increased, taking walks, taking advantage of the holiday.

It should not be forgotten that the aforementioned measures are valid for everyone, and on the feast of sacrifice; Attention should be paid to the basic truths of healthy nutrition, portion control and the balance of food groups.

Healthy and happy holidays..

Dietitian Ekin ÇİLİNGİR

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