Constipation, that is, constipation in the intestines, which is known as constipation among the people; 2 per week and

It is defined as less going to the toilet. Contrary to what is known, a person with regular bowel movements

Not being able to go to the toilet for a day is not considered constipation.

There are many causes of constipation, such as low fluid consumption, insufficient exercise, sitting constantly, pregnancy.

However, it is a problem that can be largely corrected with nutrition. To prevent constipation;

Daily water consumption should be increased

Consumption of pulpy foods should be increased

Regular exercise should be done three times a week

Bran, rye, whole wheat breads should be preferred.

The consumption of coffee and tea, which has a diuretic effect, should be reduced.

Since peaches, bananas and apples will cause constipation, their consumption should be reduced.

Consumption of dried apricots, dried figs and prunes should be increased in snacks during the day. These foods

While consuming, you can keep it in water in the evening and consume it before breakfast in the morning.

If there is consumption of dry food and fast food, it should be reduced.

care should be taken.

Continuous use of drugs and herbal teas available on the market as a solution to constipation

Afterwards, different problems may be encountered, so be careful in this regard.

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