Nutrition by Blood Type

Nutrition has been a constantly changing, developing and important action since the existence of man. This situation has continued to increase its effect even more after half of the last century. Because we know that now our health is clearly related to nutrition.

The quartet of nutrition, health, weight and beauty has solidified its place in the changing world. That’s why diets come up with names that change every year. We do not know which is healthy and which is unhealthy.

One of them is “Nutrition according to blood type”.

How did nutrition by blood type come about and what does it promise us?

Blood types emerged in different places and times in the development and change of the human species. As humans evolved, they developed, dispersed to different parts of the world, reproduced, and by discovering more places and living things, different blood types emerged. This is the basis of blood group nutrition.

Of course, nutrition has changed in human evolution, from hunter-gatherer to making fire, then to making tools and agriculture to settled life. While farming cannot wait for grains to mature and need an alternative, they have learned to store it for a long time. They achieved sustainability by domesticating legumes and grains. In this way, we did not only need vegetables that were in season and could not be stored for a long time, and we could always be fed in a different way.

In these cases, blood groups emerge as humans evolve, and it is said that there is a nutritional difference in the emergence of different blood groups as an idea. For example;

It is recommended that people with -A blood group follow a vegetarian diet, with the claim that they have evolved as agricultural people. Milk and bananas are also prohibited.

It is recommended that people with -0 blood type eat meat, fish, poultry and vegetables.

People with B blood group are thought to be nomadic. Therefore, these people; It is said that he can consume red meat, eggs, dairy products, vegetables.

– Persons who belong to AB blood group; they can consume tofu, seafood, some grains, vegetables, fruits and dairy products. It is thought that they should stay away from smoked meats and products and alcohol.

In short, the current implementation of this diet is to divide the world population, which is about 8 billion, into 4.

The most basic and most important information that should not be forgotten is: As humans evolve, we have bacteria that adapt the body to it. For example, just as a person who goes to a different geography gets used to it, he adapts to digest different kinds of foods (provided that they are healthy). How can we meet the 70 nutrients that should be taken every day by eating only meat and only vegetables? If we do not consume grains or legumes or vegetables to get the fiber that must be taken every day, how can we get it? The diet should always be sustainable. Whether you want to lose weight or build muscle, sustainability has to be good for your body first.

In conclusion, there is no miracle diet. There is the best way to nourish the body. Having a varied diet and being healthy should be your basic condition. However, you can easily lose weight, build muscle, and stay away from diseases.

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