Nutrition After Ramadan

With the end of Ramadan, the Sultan of 11 Months, the 30-day fasting period ended.

Our metabolism slowed down due to long periods of hunger, the amount of food we eat day by day.

decreased. With the coming of the feast, sweets, drinks and pastries with lots of sugar were served; some

He also paid attention to what he ate during the feast, some missed the end of the rope a little. slowing down

Those who put too much weight on the metabolism experience indigestion, constipation and unexpected results in the scales.

encountered. Well, if we missed the end of the rope, what should we do after the holiday?

Avoid alcohol, tea and coffee for a few days!

Although it is a proven fact that caffeine consumption accelerates metabolism,

If it cannot be eliminated from the body, it causes toxin accumulation. Excessive consumption of kidney stones

There are also side effects such as For these reasons, consumption for a few days

Water consumption should be increased as much as possible. Instead of caffeinated drinks

Herbal teas with high antioxidant content, especially green tea, should be consumed without sugar.

Increase your pulp intake!

Constipation with an increase in simple sugar intake and a decrease in fiber intake during the feast

The number of people who encounter the problem is not small at all. Therefore, plenty of raw vegetables in your meals.

Keep it or choose foods such as boiled broccoli, artichokes, cauliflower. White

Avoid bread as much as possible and choose whole grain breads with high fiber content.

do it. Stop consuming rice and pasta during these few days.

You can apply several daily detox programs.

Detox is a process that enters our body in various ways and is thrown out as waste.

It is to get rid of the harmful toxins that are waiting. In other words, purification, cleansing

means. Detoxing for those who missed the end of the rope during the holiday will help recovery.

it will help. Of course, as a dietitian, the very low-calorie,

I do not recommend detox programs that do not consume solid food. Here are the basic principles of detox;

Drink 3 liters of fluid a day.

Minimize the consumption of alcohol, tea, coffee.

Increase your fiber intake, use plenty of greens in your meals.

Consume milk and dairy products that are high in probiotics, such as kefir.

Choose white meat, such as salmon, over red meat.

A handful of dried fruit in your snacks, as well as sugar-free, plenty of lemon

Choose herbal teas.

Higher fiber content instead of carbohydrates such as bread and rice, pasta

Opt for oat bran.

 Take brisk walks for at least 30 minutes.

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