Not Life, You Manage Yourself

Life is almost the result of what happens to us, the way things make us feel and the reactions we respond to. We cannot directly determine many things that will happen. There are, of course, what we cause and what we prefer. But most of the time we just experience the event that happens to us or we are in the situation. If all this applies to all of us, how come some people are happier, stronger or more successful in life? What is our distinguishing point?

The ability to manage our feelings and shape our reactions. Divorce, bankruptcy, loss, accident, etc. can have a devastating effect on many people’s lives, but all these are for all of us. No event is personal. You must be sure that someone else has experienced this, and is still alive. But pain is personal. That is, the intensity of our feelings about what happened. There are many joyful occasions such as weddings, births, graduations. While no one complains about positive emotions, why it happened to me, most people about situations that create negative emotions complain about why it happened to me. However, all positive or negative emotions are unique to humans. First of all, rejecting pain and unhappiness leads to encountering different problems in the long run. One should accept and embrace all unique feelings. He should not be afraid to be happy or to feel pain. After accepting all emotions, the best thing to do to manage them is to measure their intensity with precision scales. At this point, your sensitive balance is always your mind. The lack or excess of all emotions creates a psychological problem. There are emotions that fit into stereotypical situations.

After the loss of a loved one, the usual and appropriate thing is, of course, to be sad. It is accepting sadness and living it. But it is the distinguishing point to spread it intensely throughout his life and to break away from life over time. A happier, stronger, and more successful person is simply

he manages the intensity of his emotions tremendously in every minute of his life, not in critical situations. Shame, anger, pleasure… He doesn’t become a prisoner of any emotion, he doesn’t let it take over himself and his life. In this way, he has the capacity to create the most necessary and appropriate reaction for himself and for the moment.

has. Our reactions shape what happens next. The person who breaks this chain cycle once, has taken a big step towards a happier and calmer life.

I present it to your attention. Not a happy life, a happier life. Because the individual who takes this step does not open himself to disappointments with a mere utopia of a happy life, as he accepts and embraces all of the emotions as we have just mentioned. His goal is to live a happier and more healing life than he already is.

Which one would have a happier life than an individual who has realized the divorce process with his wife in a very reasonable way and accepts that his life will go differently, and an individual who is in the grip of great anger and clinging to denial? I think we see that the first option is the healthiest.

The wife model in the second option, who cannot manage her emotions, will choose a path that is destructive for everyone with her actions and statements, regardless of male or female, and will attract the continuation of negative situations towards herself. Many examples of this can be given.

A person who has the ability to manage all emotions can shape his own mental health, the health of his life and everyone’s life by intensifying healing emotions such as love, appreciation, curiosity, excitement, determination, joy, confidence, which will build a better life.

With their healthy reactions, they have reached the best version of themselves!

Now they carry a positive magnet about what will happen to them in their souls. They are on a pleasant journey with the comfort of passing the exam by giving the struggle of others with life with themselves. By governing themselves, they rule their world.

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