Not all tumors are cancer!

T umor The word simply means tumor, swelling, hardness, mass. Most tumors in the breast are benign, that is, harmless; It won’t do you any harm if they stay on your breast for life. It is a medical mistake to remove them surgically or to follow them with radiological methods!It is possible for us to make a definitive diagnosis (radiologically) without even needing a biopsy.

Very few breast tumors are malignant. Here are just these k anser we say. Cancer must be treated, otherwise it threatens your life.

Whether there is a tumor in your breast, if any, whether this tumor is benign or malignant; whether you need a biopsy, follow-up, or treatment. by radiological methods can be decided. Therefore, this duty and responsibility only belongs to the experts of radiology. to radiologists belongs. Whether it is for breast cancer screening, to understand the cause of your complaints and to evaluate whether a biopsy is needed, not through another physician. directly to radiologistsIt can protect you from unnecessary examinations, unnecessary follow-up and unnecessary biopsies.

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