Nasal tip surgery (tipplasty) on the upper part of the nose, any problems with breathing or appearance
It is applied to patients who do not have any dysfunction or dysfunction, who only want a change for the tip of the nose.

Why is Tipplasty Done?
Lifting the tip of the nose, that is, suspending the tip of the nose; fit the tip of the nose to the whole of the nose
to make thinner and smaller; the tip of the nose, which is very high, in the same way, to the integrity of the nose.
Tipplasty is applied to properly proportion and pull forward.

Operation and Treatment Process
General or local anesthesia depending on the situation in nasal tip surgery, which may take a shorter time than rhinoplasty.
applicable. In the operation performed under general anesthesia, an incision is made through the tip of the nose. nose tip
it is filed, cartilage and tissues are revised, with the necessary applications, the new nose tip is optimally adjusted.
the incision is closed. Earlier in 10 days, as no action was taken on the bone structure.
exercise can be started.

If the patient has a respiratory problem, it is prevented from being treated at the same time with nasal tip surgery.
is not.

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