Nose Opening Drops

Nasal opener that doctors rarely recommend for a long time in infectious diseases such as sinusitis
When the drops are used randomly, it causes more swelling of the nasal concha, increased nasal congestion.
can cause. When these drugs are sprayed into the nose, they reach a large area and cause swelling due to disease.
and shrink the nasal concha that caused nasal congestion. However, for a long time and in high doses
When they are used, they cause damage to the inner membrane of the nose and more swelling of the nasal meats.
cause an increase.

The more stuffy the nose is, the more drugs it tries to breathe and the more it becomes an addiction.
turns into. Moreover, this habit causes not only congestion but also damage in the nose.
nosebleeds, burning and stinging sensation in the nose, impaired sense of smell, smell
It can also cause problems such as inability to

As it is difficult to get rid of any addiction, getting rid of the nose drop addiction is as much as you think.
not easy. Many addicted people say that they cannot sleep without dripping.
Although it can stop using it, nighttime use can often continue.

In fact, the only way to get rid of this habit is to take the challenge for a few weeks and completely stop using drugs.
to cut.

However, in order to relieve congestion complaints to some extent, ocean water sprays and anti-allergic
using nasal sprays can ease this difficult period to some extent.

Nasal opening sprays, which are seen as a simple method by many of us, are actually as much as people think.
It is not innocent drugs, but the dose and duration of the active substance that is suitable for you, doctor
drugs to be determined by Many of these drugs cause high blood pressure.
Indiscriminate use in patients with blood pressure problems and heart patients can be a significant risk.

In winter, dry air in closed areas due to heaters in offices and homes can cause nasal congestion, nasal congestion.
The nose lasting longer due to the drying of the inner mucosa and especially the effects of diseases such as colds.
causing blockages. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to keep water on the heaters and heaters.
Ensure that the air in your room is sufficiently humid. So that your nose and upper respiratory
your roads will be healthier and you will be more resistant to problems such as nasal congestion.
Let’s not forget that the easiest way not to become addicted to nose drops is to take such drugs without consulting a doctor.
not to use.

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