Nose Flesh, Bone Curvature in Nose

Septum Deviation (Nose Flesh, Nose Bone Curvature), There is a structure in our nose that we call the septum that separates both nasal passages from each other. The anterior part of the nasal septum consists of cartilage and the posterior part consists of bone. While most of the septum is composed of cartilage in childhood, the bone part takes up more space in adulthood. In healthy individuals, the nasal septum should be in the midline and divide the nasal passage equally into two. Since our nose is in the middle of our face and is the most protruding part of the face, it is exposed to many traumas. Most of the time, with the effect of these traumas, sometimes due to genetic structure, fractures and curves occur in the nasal septum. Depending on the severity of the curvature in the septum, congestion occurs in the nasal passage. Sometimes this curvature can completely block the nasal passage, causing the patient to be unable to breathe through his nose at all.



People with a curved nasal septum feel stuffy in the nose. These people cannot breathe comfortably through their noses and often have to breathe through their mouths. Depending on the severity of the curvature, snoring and deterioration in sleep quality and sleep apnea may occur. The curvature of the nose can cause recurrent sinusitis attacks by narrowing the mouth of the sinuses.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to correct the deviation in the nose with medication. If this curvature of the nose causes distress in the patient, the septum should be corrected surgically. Septum deviation surgery is usually performed through the nose. There is no incision in the tooth. After the surgery, there is a serious relief in breathing through the nose.

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