Nose Deformity

The nose is one of our most prominent organs. Every race and person has a certain nose shape.
There may be nasal shape disorders, mostly due to trauma and sometimes structurally. far from natural
If the images disturb the person, the person has the right to request ‘change the nose shape’.

The most common nasal deformities are arch-shaped curvature on the back of the nose, the tip of the nose.
thick and low, the nose is wide compared to the face.

Who Should Have My Surgery?
The nose is an organ that has many functions. The first and most important task is to breathe. Because normal breathing
done through the nose. Thus, the inhaled air is heated, humidified, cleaned in the nose and then transferred to the lungs.
sent. In addition, the smell and taste functions of the nose are very important.

The sinuses that open into the nose and their discomforts are also very important with the technological developments in recent years.
changes and achievements.

During the specialization training for the healthy functions of the nose, all kinds of nasal ailments are treated with medicine and
He is an ear, nose and throat specialist who teaches surgical treatment and is also a head and neck surgeon.

Nose aesthetic operation is evaluated within facial aesthetic operations. American face plastic and
60% of the members of the reconstructive surgery society are ear, nose and throat specialists.
is being created.

Nasal aesthetic operations are nowadays performed by ear, nose and throat physicians and plastic and reconstructive
performed by surgeons. Physicians in both specialties may have special interests.

Our plastic surgery principle is to fit the person’s face and not give an exaggerated, interfered look.
to give the shape of the nose. To determine this, changes to be made by the person and the physician, photograph
It is very important to talk about it and to agree on one’s expectations. There is no beautiful nose, it looks beautiful
There is a nose.

It does not see the nose only as an organ with aesthetic features, but also has other important duties.
We believe that it must be provided. A congested, but very aesthetic nose shape is ours.
It is not at all valid for. Sooner or later, the person will face the medical complaints caused by this.

Since people with nasal deformities often have curvature in the nose, they can also undergo the same surgery.
is also corrected.

Today, aesthetic surgery can be performed at the same time as endoscopic sinus surgeries.

Please provide additional information for more detailed surgery information and post-operative considerations.

please ask.

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