Nose bleeding

Bleeding from the nose is very common. It is seen in 60% of the society. Many stop on their own. For very few of them, it is necessary to go to the hospital or a doctor.

Even if it is very mild, nosebleeds make the person and the people around them very uneasy. The sight of blood and the scattering of blood drops are very disturbing, frightening, and even stunned for many people.

Most nosebleeds originate from the front of the nose, the middle part of the nose. These bleedings are often short-lived and lighter, and can also be stopped by pressing the nose or applying small tampons.

Some bleeding cannot be stopped easily. Physicians can intervene in this type of bleeding with different methods: packing, finding and occlusion of the focus with intravenous catheters, or surgery.

It is important to distinguish between local and systemic causes of nosebleeds. Local causes can be superficial sores in the nose, which we see as “vein cracks”, inflammations, sinusitis and rarely tumors. Systemic causes are bleeding and coagulation disorders, high blood pressure and some vascular diseases.

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