Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)

Nose aesthetics (Rhinoplasty) teacher?

“Rhinoplasty; These are surgical operations applied to correct defects such as arch, drooping, wide nose structure and deviation. Rhinoplasty can be done to change the appearance of the person, or it can be done to eliminate aesthetic defects, which we call “septum deviation”. In rhinoplasty applications performed with surgery, the effects are permanent, although the healing process is a little longer. For this reason, the positive results obtained in terms of both health and beauty continue for life.

Thanks to today’s modern technology, it is also possible to see the shape of the nose before rhinoplasty.

At what age is rhinoplasty performed? “This is one of the most curious things about rhinoplasty. Many of our patients decide to have rhinoplasty at a young age. It is necessary to pass the age of 18 for rhinoplasty. Even if the person is willing to have an aesthetic operation, bone and cartilage development may not be fully completed. This negatively affects the results of rhinoplasty. However, in special cases related to accident or health, rhinoplasty can be performed before the age of 18.

Can the aesthetic nose shape be foreseen?

“Today, thanks to the developing technology, it is possible to see the final shape of the nose. The nose shape desired by the patient is evaluated by the doctor. The ideal nose shape is decided by mutual exchange of ideas and expert guidance of the doctor. This figure can be seen on the screen with two-dimensional or three-dimensional devices after the necessary scanning methods are done. ”


How many hours does rhinoplasty surgery take? “The duration of rhinoplasty operations varies according to the procedure performed. For this reason, some of our patients may stay in the operating room longer. Generally speaking; Nose aesthetics caused by septum curvature take 2-4 hours. This period may also vary according to the preferred method in aesthetic operations. Swelling and bruising may occur on the face immediately after the operation. Swelling and bruises continue to increase in the first 1-2 days. During this process, compressing your eyes and whole face with cold gel packs will help reduce swelling. At the end of about 1 week, swelling and bruises begin to disappear gradually. At the end of the second week, swelling and bruises are completely gone. Taking vitamin C supplements and including foods rich in vitamin C in meals will shorten the healing time of wounds.

On the first day, occasional nosebleeds can be seen in the form of leakage. You can take a bath 2 days after the operation with special plastic protectors. If there is no incision on the upper lip, you can brush your teeth. Silicone pads, if any, are removed approximately one or two days after the surgery. If the surgery was performed with the open technique, only the sutures at the tip of the nose are removed in the first week. Heavy sports and impacts should be avoided for 4 weeks after the surgery. The patient is informed about issues such as not lying on his side. Such movements can create tensions that will deform the tip of the nose.

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